Facebook Business Page Traps

Lately, I’ve come across the same problem over and over again. Most of my clients are gang ho with all the fuss about creating business pages, blogs, websites with WordPress plugins, SEO webinars and are all confused.

I see fan pages coming up in staggering numbers, but they get stuck. Some people confuse their personal pages with their business identities, and think that posting something about their business will get attention, amidst jokes, pictures with political and non-political messages and then come to be baffled as to why it doesn’t bring them clients or more “friends”.

Time to untangle this knot. You MUST have a personal account on Facebook in order to create a fan (business page). Your personal page has nothing to do with your business or career.
You can create a fan page and then invite your friends to “like” it.

You click on Create a Page and you follow Facebook’s instructions.


Be informative, give people a reason to like your page, and include information about who you are and what you do.

Take a look at my own “about” page:

About Page

After you have 30 “likes” on your new page, you can then choose a link, so that you can copy and paste it to invite people, or add it to your own website if you have one. It will look something like that: www.facebook.com/stockmalm

This is the very basic. The main point here is NOT to try and talk about your business on your personal page. Your information will get lost in the avalanche of information and posts from your friends and this way you will never attract new clients.

Think of it like that: Your home, and your job or office. You don’t merge the two, you don’t mix your personal life with your business life. You don’t go to work in your pajamas, and you don’t watch TV at night wearing a suit and tie. The same applies to Facebook.

If you adhere by these rules, and want to have any amount of success, then do your career a favor and create a fan page on Facebook.

Also join LinkedIn and connect your Facebook fan page. These are very basic steps to join the business world.

You can contact me and I can guide you further for a fee. Feel free to use my contact form.

I wish you the best of luck!

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