Automation is not your panacea!

Automating your procedures, is not a panacea. You cannot automate everything when you sell online and depend on your customers to succeed as a brand, product, or company.

You can add filters, subscribe to companies to do your reporting and sales, but you cannot automate everything, no matter what you think you know….

Once upon a time I had a manager who thought that my then job as chargeback specialist would become obsolete, due to automation implementations…
Well, you cannot automate fraud, chargebacks and claims.


You still need human interaction with your buyers, their issues, and try to solve any claim to the customer’s satisfaction. Fraudsters out there are and always will be 3 steps ahead of you.

No machine can weed out unauthorized re-sellers, fraudulent transactions, and chargebacks or claims. It may be able to add some reporting filters on your back end to help your risk manager or chargeback specialist, but automation will never replace human interaction, strategy and customer support.

Do not fall in the trap of managers or VP’s of any kind who want to impress you by telling you that you can cut down on overhead by not hiring a fraud/risk employee, because customer support and automated procedures will solve your issues.


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