Bad Customer Service, is Bad for Your Business

I have been coaching, and teaching for many years. I have seen some great companies, some good ones and some horrible ones. By horrible, I don’t mean the people. I mean the company structure, their philosophy, their setup in general. A company’s image is set by the company’s owner/s.

I decided to write this post, after an extremely weird experience I had lately with  a company that sells fashion jewelry and goes into amazing lengths to advertize on social media. I found the product line interesting, so I decided to order a ring. Their prices are really cheap.

So, I went to their website, placed my order and received an email that promised shipping within 3 business days. 9 days later, I log in to their site again, (by the way their site stated that it was down during these 9 days), and find my order which states still processing. At that point I go to their Facebook page and write a complain. Guess what? They deleted it. That was my first red flag.I read many similar complaints on their page, which were unanswered too. One page fan even dared them to delete their complaint.

Then I proceeded to email the company asking about my shipping. I waited another three days, to receive a canned response. I had paid via PayPal, so I started a non-receipt claim, to which NOBODY from the company even blinked to post a response. Finally my ring arrived 3 weeks later.

So here is my advice to the company’s owners:
1. When you get paid for the goods that you sell, you absolutely HAVE to adhere to your written promises.
2. You MUST train your customer service department.
3. Your business’s success depends on returning customers. Being dismissive and plainly deleting posts and disregarding complaints, you say to the world that you don’t care.
4. In this worldwide competitive business and social media’s power, word gets out faster than you can blink and if you continue to treat unsatisfied customers this way, your business will not go very far.
5. Be open minded. Learn from the complaints you receive. Strive to be the best that you can EVERY SINGLE DAY.
6. It is not ALL about the money. INTEGRITY, HONESTY, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE & WORD OF MOUTH make or break a company.






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