Career is not personal

Success comes from viewing your career and job for what it exactly is. There is nothing personal there, except for your commitment to the company you work for and putting your best foot forward daily.

During your life, you make acquaintances, and meet new people. Some become friends, some stay business acquaintances.
Never ever criticize any person for moving on, for changing roles, for accepting a new position, for working with people that you have a personal dislike to. This is unethical, selfish and self destructive.

Although the world is a huge place, the career sector in the city you live in, is pretty small. Don’t burn your chances for a next move by putting your Ego upfront.

Always be polite, professional, accepting, never hold grudges.

Companies come and go. People still need to make a decent living, and strive for the best.

Even CEO’s are being replaced at a maddening pace. Some of them are creative and also move on.

Our advice: NEVER burn bridges by letting your ego and pride get in the way.


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