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Collaboration Opportunities and Follow Up

Have you ever witnessed a great meeting between two professionals? I am sure you have. And then … Oh we will certainly keep in touch, let’s do this!
One person sends information and shows their excitement, while the receiving party never responds.
Here are some basic rules for this game:
We all want our small businesses to succeed. So when someone shows genuine interest and acts on their side, do the same.
It’s very impolite to not respond to messages.
It shows that you are either not taking your business seriously, or that you simply don’t care.
Good collaborations don’t come by the dozen, nor do they knock on your door often.
So take this advice to heart.
Show other professionals that you mean what you say.
Thank them if they promote your business on their website, blog etc.
Act on your verbal promises, such as: Let’s get together and talk next week.
Nobody will beg or ask you twice. You are either a go-getter and want to take your business to the next possible level or you don’t.
It’s as simple as that.
Don’t expect second and third chances. We are all trying to help each other, lift each other up and succeed.
REPLY to your messages.
Don’t hide behind the lame “I am busy” excuse. We are all busy.
Show that you are as interested as you first said you were.
Get organized. It takes a village people!

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The Takers

How many of you relate to this?
I am talking about the “takers”.
The ones who are in love with your support, keep asking you to participate on their posts, pages, and social media actions.

They take your loyalty and participation for granted. What happens when you ask them to reciprocate?
Absolutely NOTHING!

They don’t care, as long as their goals are met.

So let’s change the narrative:
Keep supporting them.  It’s ok.
Don’t feel disappointed by the lack of support.
Don’t expect help by anyone.
Don’t give up.
Keep pushing, keep working, keep the dream alive!

And never forget to thank those who do support you!
After all when we give, we somehow always receive, whether in kind, or in support from sources we didn’t even expect!

Good luck and keep following your dreams! Don’t let the “takers” take your courage, grit and passion away.



The Task of Updating




Being a small business owner and a consultant takes work. A lot of work.

You need persistence, patience, focus, knowledge of your field and of course a good amount of followers and clients. I am grateful for all my followers and readers. I see my website as a way to introduce my knowledge and my work to the world. It’s like an always evolving resume, business card and reminder that I am here.

If a prospective client comes to my website or blog and sees posts dated in 2012, why would they want to hire me?

Same goes for anyone visiting my social pages, whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Everything you do, has to always be updated. This is how you get followers. This is the first risk of any business’s evolution. We create a web presence and believe that we are done.

An example: If I claim on my site that I do marketing and my online presence is outdated, my links go nowhere and my social followers are 13 people, why would anyone hire me?

We can talk the talk, but we must walk the walk as well. If what we claim shows a different picture online, then any prospective customers will automatically think that all we will do for them is what we have done for our own online presence. Not good. Right?

So make it a priority to update your content and publish relevant content at least twice a week. Get involved. Like other people’s posts. Comment, help, add your thoughts.

This is how you will succeed. A lot of people see my site and tell me we have no fraud or risk. Risk comes in many ways and one of the risks is exactly what I just wrote about. Fraud is also imperative to learn, so that when you sell anything with an online transaction can be safe, secure and make your client or buyer feel good and secure.

So do your business and online presence a huge favor and update, update, update.



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Risks of confusing marketing

You are working hard on launching your new product.

You are launching a new car.
You market it, but the message is confusing prospective buyers. You are using icons of a fork lift truck, or of a truck…. Yes these are vehicle types but what is your buyer expecting to purchase?

You are launching a brand new stove.
You market it by using icons of a microwave. Yes it belongs in the kitchen, but it is not what you are about to sell to the public.

You are launching a toilet cleaner.
You market it using bathtub icons. Yes a bathtub belongs in the bathroom but it is not what you are trying to launch and sell.

Ways to do it right:
* Keep blasting the internet with actual icons that pertain to what you are creating and will sell.
* Don’t jumble your message by generalizing what you are actually doing.
* If you start with one idea and evolve to something different, add it to your marketing strategy. Tell your story on every ad, every publication, every post.


Have a very clear message. Buyers are all about instant gratification and expect a simple yet very clear message that will engage them and interest them enough to give your new product a try.

Adhere to those rules, and you can only succeed and create happy loyal customers.


How to Shift Freemium Customers to Paid Customers

By Caitie Gonzalez, June 18, 2019
Everyone likes free stuff. If you’ve ever been to Costco during sample time, you know what I’m talking about. People will eat little pizza samples all day, but the big question is, “Will they actually make it to the freezer aisle?”
Giving away free samples is a great way to get people’s attention, but it usually isn’t good for your bottom line. At some point, you need to get your samplers to become paying customers. And that’s what we’re here to talk about.
On average, only about 15%-20% of users upgrade to premium plans. So, we’re going to give you some foolproof tips to help increase conversions and encourage your freemium customers to become happy, paying customers.
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