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What Can I Do For YOU?

There are GREAT leaders out there, and I am lucky and blessed to know one of them.

Have worked with him for 3 plus years. Recently we went for coffee. Hadn’t seen each other in some time.
The gracefulness, the kindness and the genuine interest in how I was doing, made me feel really thankful.

As the conversation carried on, he asked me very simply: You have helped me in the past. How can I help YOU?

I wanted to share this experience, because great leaders DO exist.
They show you how to be, they are not afraid to offer help, they respect themselves and their team members.

If you are a team member and lucky enough to have such a leader, be thankful.

If you are a leader, make sure to make your team feel appreciated, lead with grace and always by example.

If you are like my leader, you will only succeed.


Win The Interview!

by  | Oct 28, 2019 |

Modern Interview Preparation Advice.

What year is it?

Fact is, too many people are treating their job search, especially the job interview preparation, like it’s 1999.  What do I mean?  They are going into interviews under prepared and missing out on opportunities to win the job.  Can I be completely transparent with you?  If you are not studying the company, the people interviewing you, the competition for the company you’re interviewing with for and checking out their culture then you are behind the times.

If you want to win, you must change your approach to utilize the modern tools at your fingertips.

Certainly not everything can be found out easily online and you might have to crash course your research if you get a quick response to a resume submission and ask to interview in a short time, however, much can be done.

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ATS Screening Strategy: How to Earn the Interview

by Ira Bowman | Aug 4, 2019 | CV / Resume

Too many people are struggling to get an interview, because they are getting screened out by a company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  My mission with #ProjectHelpYouGrow is to help connect job seekers to recruiters and employers who have job openings that they need to fill.  To be certain the bridge is not just to get you to the front door and say good luck.  I want to help people earn the interview, ace it and ultimately land the job, when it’s a good fit.  The article here is designed to help people who are struggling to get the interview when they apply.

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The Future of Work Could Be At Home

 Blair Decembrele
October 7, 2019

Working from home has been on the radar of professionals for years. It used to be reserved for the occasional furniture delivery or an in-a-pinch necessity; but now, as technology has improved and professionals seek more flexibility, major organizations are incorporating remote work policies across the board. In fact, with almost half of U.S. professionals working from home on occasion, it’s so common these days that there’s actually a national holiday week celebrating remote work — and it kicks off today!

So, why is the workforce getting behind this trend? For professionals, the benefits of remote work may seem obvious — like saving time and money by not commuting, increased productivity, and more time to spend with family. What you may not realize is that remote work has benefits for employers as well — it saves money, helps attract and retain top talent, boosts employee morale and productivity, and improves overall company culture.

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Collaboration Opportunities and Follow Up

Have you ever witnessed a great meeting between two professionals? I am sure you have. And then … Oh we will certainly keep in touch, let’s do this!
One person sends information and shows their excitement, while the receiving party never responds.
Here are some basic rules for this game:
We all want our small businesses to succeed. So when someone shows genuine interest and acts on their side, do the same.
It’s very impolite to not respond to messages.
It shows that you are either not taking your business seriously, or that you simply don’t care.
Good collaborations don’t come by the dozen, nor do they knock on your door often.
So take this advice to heart.
Show other professionals that you mean what you say.
Thank them if they promote your business on their website, blog etc.
Act on your verbal promises, such as: Let’s get together and talk next week.
Nobody will beg or ask you twice. You are either a go-getter and want to take your business to the next possible level or you don’t.
It’s as simple as that.
Don’t expect second and third chances. We are all trying to help each other, lift each other up and succeed.
REPLY to your messages.
Don’t hide behind the lame “I am busy” excuse. We are all busy.
Show that you are as interested as you first said you were.
Get organized. It takes a village people!

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