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ATS Screening Strategy: How to Earn the Interview

by Ira Bowman | Aug 4, 2019 | CV / Resume

Too many people are struggling to get an interview, because they are getting screened out by a company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  My mission with #ProjectHelpYouGrow is to help connect job seekers to recruiters and employers who have job openings that they need to fill.  To be certain the bridge is not just to get you to the front door and say good luck.  I want to help people earn the interview, ace it and ultimately land the job, when it’s a good fit.  The article here is designed to help people who are struggling to get the interview when they apply.

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Here’s What Makes the Facebook Data Breach so Harmful


While the recent hack didn’t expose financial info, experts explain that personal data can be even more valuable

The Facebook data breach that affected as many as 90 million users last week was different from other recent examples in a way that concerns security and privacy experts—and should concern consumers, as well.

It’s not just the sheer size that made the Facebook attack notable. Compared with, say, the Equifax breach from last September, which affected 145 million Americans, this one is also unusual in terms of the kind of data exposed.

Facebook collects the kind of personal information you reveal without even thinking about it: which elementary school friends you still talk to, what books you’re reading, your work history, vacation plans, and favorite memories from college.

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How misunderstandings can happen – Do not Risk it

This happened to me and I am warning you all to NOT use the same password for all your online usage!

This started on my phone. I found out by shear chance…. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter…. was locked out of all. Had to work for 6 straight days to fix it all. Had to change passwords. Managed to log back in and found out that most of my connections had been blocked…. Imagine the terror…. people thinking that you have kicked them out of your life for no reason at all…..
I worked on every Social Media platform and unblocked them all….
Now all I can hope for is that they will see my post and reconnect.

Beware people…. The internet has changed our lives, has made connections valuable, has connected us with friends, family and colleagues all over the world, BUT has increased RISK exponentially.

So we suggest that you keep an Excel sheet with all your logins and passwords, or use Last Pass or another password software and keep them safe!

NEVER share passwords, do not create passwords with birth dates, or SSN, your actual names or email addresses. Use difficult and long passwords and CHANGE them periodically!!!!


Companies around the world are worried about the GDPR: study


The GDPR is coming and even though it is an EU law, it will have a profound impact on businesses around the world, even those that don’t have a physical presence in the EU.

That’s because the GDPR’s protections apply to all individuals within the Union and non-EU companies that control or process data from individuals in EU are expected to register a representative and comply with the law. Those that don’t face stiff penalties, including fines of up to €20 million or 4% of global annual turnover.

Those fines likely explain why, according to a survey conducted by NetApp, which polled over 1,100 C-suite executives, CIOs and IT managers, companies around the globe are worried about the potential effects of the GDPR on their businesses.

44% of the companies NetApp surveyed fear that they could lose revenue because of a failure to comply with the GDPR. In the US, the percentage is even higher, with just over half of companies expressing this concern.

Globally, half of companies also worry that a failure to comply with the GDPR could result in reputational harm, a fear that doesn’t seem misplaced given the fallout from Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal. Econsultancy’s own GDPR research shows a starker picture, with 70% of brands very or somewhat concerned about the damage to brand reputation associated with non-compliance.

But the concern around GDPR compliance cuts way deeper than revenue loss and reputational damage. Globally, 35% of companies fear that the financial penalties possible under the GDPR could imperil their very existence. In the UK and US, over 40% feel this way, according to NetApp.

Unfortunately, while awareness of the GDPR is relatively high, two-thirds of companies are not confident they’ll be in compliance with the GDPR when it goes into effect. Beyond the general complexity of the GDPR, there’s a seemingly good explanation for this: well under half (40%) of those polled by NetApp indicated that their businesses are confident they know where their data is stored.

According to NetApp, “Understanding where data is stored is the first step for businesses towards GDPR compliance.” In other words, it’s hard to comply with the GDPR if you don’t know where the data you’re required to protect actually lives.

Econsultancy’s GDPR research is perhaps more optimistic than the NetApp figures, with 33% of clientside marketers saying they already have a plan or framework in place for compliance and 50% saying that whilst they don’t yet have a plan, they are working on one.

A silver lining

The good news for companies is that despite any challenges they face in complying with the GDPR, the opportunities will arguably far outweigh the costs. As Kieran Flanagan recently explained, the GDPR will help companies deliver better user experiences and use their data more effectively.

“If you focus on this as an opportunity to improve how you handle data and how you engage with your prospect and customers, you’ll see that this is a step in the right direction,” he suggested.

What’s more, given the likelihood that rules similar to those promulgated by the GDPR are eventually likely to be enacted in other parts of the world, including in the US, companies that make the effort and investments necessary to comply with GDPR should be well-positioned to deal with new legislation. This is likely to be especially true for businesses that embrace the GDPR as a global standard.

Solix survey supplies more evidence of GDPR unreadiness

Two-thirds of responding IT pros didn’t even know if personal data could be purged entirely from their systems.

Another day, and another survey showing organizational uncertainty about preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), now less than three months away.

In this one, enterprise data management firm Solix conducted an online survey with more than 100 companies. While the sample was relatively small, the respondents were all IT professionals, thus giving some insight into where those departments are:

  • Two-thirds of the respondents didn’t know if individuals’ personal data could be purged entirely from their systems.
  • Twenty-two percent were not aware they needed to comply with the GDPR if they captured and maintained data of European Union citizens, since they are based outside the U.S. (Many experts say they do.)
  • Nearly 40% said that personal data at their companies is not protected from misuse and unauthorized access throughout its lifecycle.
  • Sixty-four percent of responding organizations don’t have a Data Protection Officer, as required by GDPR.
  • More than half don’t know if they have explicit consent from individuals for processing of their personal data.

The big takeaway, Solix Technologies’ Executive Chairman John Ottman told me, is that “not only are most companies not ready, most do not understand the extent of their obligations.”

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Embrace what your employees write about your company

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAWcAAAAJGEzNzI5MGYyLWZiOWItNGI5NC05MGFmLTQ2YzFkMzkwYWZmNgI published this article on LinkedIn, in 2015, but it is as important today, as it was then.

Being a successful company is great. But listening to your employees’ feedback is essential. I have been reading a lot on Glassdoor and other sites, and what I read from employees about the companies they work for, made me cringe and start thinking.

It is not a good representation of your company if your employees feel that there is poor management, animosity, disrespect, lack of training, and only interest in making money.
You have to realize that without your employees, you would not be able to operate your business.
You also have to realize that times are changing and you have to adapt and change with the times.
Be flexible. Yes, your employees might have to work 40 hours per week, but if a job is done, and well done, let an employee leave early. This is not detrimental to your operations. On the contrary, flexibility in working hours will make your employees strive to do their best and be very productive. This is  a win win situation for you and your Company.
If you are rigid, then you will see that everyone will just work at a pace to fill the hours you require and this is all you will ever get. A simple example of this strategy, are gardeners. You ask how much they charge and they say x per hour. So you give them a job to do and they will milk you for as many hours as possible. Give them a total price for the job, and the job will finish in no time at all.

Also make sure that you provide initiatives for advancement. If an employee feel stuck, they will eventually leave. Job hoppers are very common these days, and this is a direct reflection of poor management, poor culture and disinterest toward your workforce.

So do yourself and your company a favor and stick to some newer rules:
1. Be flexible
2. Respect your employees
3. Train them
4. Give them all the possible tools to succeed. If they succeed, so does your company.
5. Give yearly raises, to cover the cost of living. All the prices go up. So should any salary.
6. Stop being stuck on the punch-card. Offer salaries instead of per hour compensations. The productivity changes dramatically.
7. Thank anyone for a job well done. You depend on your workforce, as much as you depend on your clients. Those two go hand in hand.
8. Last but not least, be OPEN MINDED. This is the only way to move forward and create your mark in the market.

Life and Career

Is telecommuting dead? Don't count on it, experts say

You are tired. Your life is hard. You have personal problems.
You are not alone.
Everyone has one or more issues in life.
This doesn’t mean that you are allowed to bring this baggage with you at work.
There is a savoir-faire and a code of behavior, no matter where you work, or what you do in life.
I have been in the Corporate sector since 1978, and have slowly but steadily created my own “Ten Commandments”. If you follow these rules, you can only succeed.
Try them out. What do you have to lose?

1. ALWAYS come to work early and with a smile on your face.
2. ALWAYS give 110%. Don’t wait for others to tell you what to do. Be proactive.
3. SHOW your superiors that you are interested. Genuinely interested.
4. DO yourself a favor and learn Time Management. It’s a priceless tool to organize your daily tasks, and workflow.
5. NEVER make personal announcements in front of all your colleagues. Personal information might make others uncomfortable and is usually inappropriate, unless you announce that you are getting married… You get the point.
6. WORK. Don’t waste your employer’s and your time by getting up and moving around your company every 10 minutes.
7. NEVER say you completed a task unless you actually did.
8. RESPECT your job, RESPECT yourself. Show some passion and enthusiasm.
9. Always help where help is needed. As your company needs you for the work you were employed to do, so do you. Without your employer you would have no work and so no income.


Chargebacks vs Refunds

Do you know the difference between chargebacks and refunds?
Do you know the importance of this difference for your company’s financial reports?
Do you know which companies have refunds AND chargebacks and what the difference is?

A chargeback comes with a fee, usually around $20 per chargeback.

A dispute or a claim is simply a refund of a sale, without any added fees.
PayPal and Amazon give those two options.
Shopify does not… These are just a few examples.

Does your back end/platform have the necessary reporting structure?

Does your back end/platform have the necessary structure to stop fraudulent transactions for manual review before you capture payments?

I am starting a series on this subject and will start giving you information that is critical to any company that sells online, whether tangible or intangible goods.

If you need help or don;t know how to set up your company to deal with those issues, simply email me, stockmalm at

Marketing Ethics

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired with the current marketing strategies of certain companies. You are invited to watch a video, or a landing page, and it literally loses me in the first 5 seconds.

You will ask why? Well, I don’t want to hear 600 times if I would love to look better, make more money, or anything, accompanied by not so official stories of success, only to end up at the end of the video or page, to see that IF you REALLY want all that you have to buy this, that or the other.

How about you start respecting your prospective clients and customers by being honest. Yes share a video or a landing page or even a webinar, and take 10 seconds to tell your audience all the great stuff your company offers, if we only pay this or that amount to learn the how to, or buy your product?

Don’t underestimate the savvy consumer or business person by claiming things that are not proven. Branding your company and gaining respect in the market is essential. Don’t use Facebook or other social media with LOUD titles such as W. White is being fired from TV O M G she is hiding a huge secret, or Helen DeGeneres, only to have people land to a page that claims to have the latest cream, or pill that will magically transform you.

Have you ever seen Dell let’s say, or Macy’s, or Microsoft drag you through the mud to convince you to buy something or subscribe to a service? Of course not! Be honest. Respect who you are and what your company stands for.

In today’s ever changing market, EVERYONE wants to become a billionaire in 5 minutes, pushing buttons, becoming an affiliate of shady companies that show you income pictures from their so called Bank Accounts or PayPal accounts.

Give me a break!

And I do not mean everyone! There are fantastic, hard working honest companies that stand behind their products or services and who respect YOU, the end buyer.

Stick with those good companies and do not fall prey for shady business practices. It is really a shame to see such ethics and conduct, especially now that we have so many wonderful tools to further our businesses and be proud of our process, our product and the people we come in contact with!

The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship

Hi everyone! Have been traveling a lot this summer and have been observing a lot of stuffThe uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship.

There is a frenzy for blogging, for success, for more, more, more and more. S T O P!

Start thinking and calm down. When will OK be good enough? I do not make money from my blog on purpose. I just write my thoughts, my experiences and see it as what it really is. A hobby. Not EVERYONE has to be an entrepreneur, not everyone has to have a blog. Continue reading “The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship”