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Replies that make your day!

We have all been there at some point in our career or life.

You reach out to connections, friends and colleagues to ask for help to find a job.

The typical replies you receive:

  1. I’ll see what I can do
  2. Let me ask around
  3. Will let you know if anything comes up
  4. OR you never get a response at all

And then you receive one reply that makes your day, gives you hope and empowers you to keep going.
Here it is:

Thanks for sending me your resume…I’m going to share it with a group of people. Strength in numbers…we’ll see what we can get going for you!

Never give up! There is always someone who is genuinely interested and actually wants to help!





Keep supporting others


I read a lot of posts about people not supporting each other.
I know it feels like a let down. I know that you feel disappointed.
Don’t stop supporting other businesses and their people, even if they don’t give a second thought, or a supportive nod to your efforts.
They like that you support them, send you thank you notes, but when it comes to reciprocate, they rarely if ever show up.
It doesn’t matter at all. Keep being who you are, give from your heart and never let other people’s behavior change your integrity, passion, and willingness to help without expecting anything.
We are all trying to make it in this world. Yes, it would be great if everyone was as supportive, giving and helpful. But this is not the case.
Keep fighting your fight, keep striving for the best. Just don’t change because of other people’s indifferent behavior.
Social Media platforms, big words of encouragement and promises for support are a dime a dozen.
Actual actions matter. So if you don’t feel the love and support from your peers or from people you support, don’t give up. Don’t be frustrated or disappointed. It’s not worth it.
Be honest, be kind, be helpful. Let other people be who they are.
They will always keep asking for your help when they need you. They will never support you.
Let’s make it in this world without expecting anyone’s support, help or encouragement.
We are fighters! We can do this!



How To Succeed With Your Service Providing Company

You are a Business Owner! Congratulations!

I know it can feel intimidating, difficult and sometimes even confusing. I am here to help you navigate through this maze.

You provide services. Gardening, Landscaping, Cleaning, Business Consulting and so on.
Don’t let the technology of it all scare you. Here are a few golden rules that will help you succeed, retain and gain new customers and keep your staff happy:

  1.  Keep a calendar. This is a must. Let’s say you offer your services Monday through Friday and you have 30 clients. It will be very hard for your staff and your customers to be happy with your results, if let’s say you interact with 15 of your customers in one day. Spread the days out so your calendar has 6 customers per day. Better servicing, your staff will have ample time to complete tasks, and most importantly, your customers will be happy.
  2. NEVER promise any customer that you will complete a job unless you are going to do it. It will hurt your business and show that you are unreliable.
  3. NEVER find excuses for not completing a task.
  4. Keep a notepad for every customer. In other words, one file per customer. You will say that this is too much. I will beg to differ. Reading through each customer’s notepad and reminding yourself and staff about tasks, you will always have a complete to-do-list per customer and can always mark completed. A lot of companies like yours have one notepad and keep writing notes on different pages. How productive is that? You will never remember where you wrote what and for which customer.
  5. NEVER settle for a job half done. You are the Business Owner. Be the mentor, the teacher and train your staff to be professional, finish every task for the specific day and customer.
  6. Show up at random times on random jobs, so that your staff will never slack. They will never know when and where you will be. Be the boss. Lead by example!
  7. NEVER tell a customer that you forgot to bring a necessary tool for the day’s work. Not your customer’s problem! Such mistakes will cost you assignments in the future.

So here you have it! GET ORGANIZED! It might be difficult in the beginning, but once you set your system up, it will be a breeze.

GOOD LUCK with your Business!


We Are Women!

We are born multi-taskers!
We are fighters!
We have so much to offer!

We should not accept that age will defeat our goals, dreams and creativity! We should not accept losing good jobs because some of us are over 50!

We are women! We are strong! We can still dream, do, make things happen, have great lives and careers. We are not ready to be put aside!

Fellow women keep being strong, let’s keep empowering each other, help each other succeed and show the world what we are made of.

Changing your Financial’tude


These are some interesting times. All I hear from my clients and acquaintances is that nobody can survive financially. Is there anything to be done?

I say YES. There is a lot we can do.

We can start by changing our attitudes toward money and toward what we think we NEED. We have become so spoiled that we have lost touch with reality. TV and Social Media are filled with posts and ads that tell us how to make more money, how to save money, how to invest or not invest and how to cut expenses. The other half fills our brains with SPEND SPEND SPEND.

Where is the happy medium here? How do we learn how to exist in moderation while at the same time enjoying our lives? Greed has become synonymous to success, to prosperity and to our status in life. How wrong is that?

The first thing we ALL have to realize is that when we leave this earth, we will take NOTHING with us. No expensive clothes, no cars, no homes, no jewelry, NOTHING. Having said that, what are our actual NEEDS in life? Well, it’s simpler than it sounds. We actually NEED to have a roof over our heads, our health and food. The rest we have learned to accept as society’s rules for our status in life.

Do we need a new car every couple of years? NO
Do we need to buy “stuff” for our homes every month? NO
Do we need the newest model of cell phone, tablet, and computer? NO
Do we need to spend on lattes daily? NO
Do we need to have manicures and pedicures every week? NO
Do we need to eat at Restaurants weekly? NO

Can we live with less? DEFINITELY! Can we learn how to prioritize needs vs. wants? DEFINITELY

When you compare your income versus your expenses you MUST have money left, otherwise you are running on empty. You haven’t seen me mention anywhere about a credit card debt payment. I did this on purpose, because you should NOT have credit card debt. If you do, you have to pay it off immediately. Take your credit cards, lock them in a drawer and forget they exist. You never need more than one credit card and that ONLY for emergencies such as doctors, or hospitals.

You have to put aside the money you have left after all is paid every month. Do not splurge on lattes, haircuts pedicures, clothes, shoes, etc unless you can actually put some money in a savings account.

If you have, let’s say 50 dollars left, then this is your “pamper” budget for the entire month.

This is the ONLY way we will all survive and get out of debt. STOP comparing your situation with others. Learn to enjoy your home, invite friends over for a meal, actually friend meals that rotate from home to home is a great way to have fun, pay MUCH LESS for food and drinks and stay connected.

Make the effort to live within your NEEDS and below your means. We have to live within our own truth, take charge of our lives and situations and be HAPPY and GRATEFUL for the little things in life, such as our friends, our homes, our communities.

4 Ways to Conquer the Debt Beast!


Debt, debt, debt! It seems like this word has become our nemesis and we are all looking the other way to make it disappear. I was right there, until I got really mad at myself for feeling defeated.

Debt can feel so big and overwhelming that it almost feels like it is a living breathing creature, a beast. I decided to use the idea of debt as a beast as a tool to help me fight.

“Hey Debt! Can you hear me?? Are you playing David and Goliath with me? Do you know who won in the end? I will beat you!”

You may be laughing at my childish outburst, but this really gave me the power to start my war to conquer this beast. Here are the four keys to my success in fighting the debt beast, maybe they will work for you….

  1. The first thing I did, was sit and write down what I spend and why. Then, I started deleting all the “extra stuff” like new shoes, clothes, music, restaurants and did not stop until I was satisfied from the outcome of the first battle. NOTHING is more important in life than ourselves. No clothes, no jewelry, no restaurant. NOTHING.
  2. The next step was to ask for help. Me, ask for help? Well, yes I did and it feels wonderful, because the feeling of receiving actual help is lifting a ton of weight from our shoulders. You have to look at this in a very cool fashion. It isn’t personal; it’s just part of life. Be honest with yourself, and you’ll see that nothing can hold you back once you get in the mindset to live a debt free life.
  3. Be happy and live within your means. It feels so good to look the debt beast in the eye every month and say: “Ah I just cut another limb from your ugly body!” This mental game made me feel so empowered, so happy every month that I could sleep at night knowing that I was doing the right thing.
  4. Another tip is that you can pay a little extra when you have it, and you will be out of debt in no time. But be careful. Do not pay more when you don’t have enough money left to pay for food, rent/mortgage, or utilities. Paying off debt and being responsible for your day-to-day bills is the key to final and absolute success. I usually pay a little more here and there during the Holidays. I see this as a small gift of freedom to myself, instead of hitting the Malls and buying gifts. A little radical some may say, but it works for me.

So, let’s go and face the battle together! We can slay the debt beast, and live FREE at last!

The Measure of Success


Success is a word used for just about everything. Success in life, in love, in business, in education, in careers . . . and the list goes on.

I decided to look at the word success as a label, given by society, parents, family, friends, and colleagues. The measurement of success should be our own. In other words, we have to own it. If we are happy with what we do, it’s a success. If we are healthy, it’s a success. If we make ends meet in this drab economy, it’s a success. Well, even if we find parking in a super busy mall parking lot, it’s a success.

So, I learned to measure my successes in small doses, and guess what? I feel pretty successful. Nobody can rain on my parade; nobody can tell me if I’m successful or not by their measurement of the word. It’s a word! That’s what it is.

Words are words. What you make of them is another story.

We like to take everything personally, because we were brought up this way, because we were trained to strive for something others have and we don’t. We measure everything by what someone else is doing or not doing. How about we stop for a moment and start pondering about life? When is good, good enough? When is a paycheck that pays the bills enough? Why are we in this frenzy of more, more, and more?

Keep thinking about this for a moment. You are a success, because you’re alive, here, now. The rest is the “sauce” of life. If you are happy with what and who you really are, you’re a success. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Don’t be a Grinch. So many people complain every single day of their lives: “Oh I don’t have enough money.” “Oh s/he said this or did that.” “Oh I’m fed up.” “Oh I wish things were different.”

S T O P.

If you’re in this self-pity game, you will receive only negativity and more problems. The more you FEEL and think and talk about your problems, your misery, your inadequacy, your this and your that, the more likely the universe will give you a truckload of just that. WHY? Because you become the magnet of summoning EVERYTHING that you think and spend your energy on.

So, believe and FEEL that you’re a success; feel that sentiment of gratitude for your loved ones, for the roof over your head, for the life that YOU have chosen to live. NOBODY tells you what decisions to make in life-NOBODY but YOU is responsible for your actions, your thoughts, your decisions, and your feelings.

Cheer up! We have A LOT to be thankful for, and YES, we’re all a success, in a small or big way. It just depends on how we look at it.

Turn the lights on in your heart and mind, and KEEP THEM ON!

This is your life


October 10th is International Mental Health Day.

Every year that day, the main purpose is to raise awareness about mental health and mental illness, the deletion of every stigma that surrounds this topic. Every year seems to open a little more space for people who want to talk about what they experience, but they feel they cannot. Mental health is not a shame – we all live in the same society that is constantly running and we all set high expectations to ourselves constantly. Sometimes, we need to take a break and take care of ourselves. It is our only source of power.

Below, a text from has made the round of the internet – and for good reason. It is worthwhile to read.

“We do not live, we run.

We’re all running, to catch up, to do, someone to see, to pay, to hear, to learn, to read, something.

From the moment we open our eyes until we close them, we run.

Even during moments of rest, even in our spare time, even then we feel like we must do something.

“What are you doing?”. “Nothing” (this is the most worrying answer).

“What are you doing?”. “Running” (this is the most common answer).

If you sit for an hour without doing anything, just looking at the wall or nature, you feel guilty.

If they see you resting for an hour, doing nothing, just looking at the wall or nature, they will suggest ‘antidepressants’.

Because beyond the tasks you have to do, besides your duties, you could make use of this time by reading, listening to music, hitting the gym – instead of losing your time.

As if the time of relaxation is lost life. Like the rest of life, where we’re running to prevent something, is a winning life.

Even our children are breastfeeding with the ideal of the unrelenting effort.

We run, our children are running.

We always have to do something, not to “waste our time”. But this empty time is an absolute need.

When we empty our mind, we get closer to our core.

Mental illness is the pandemic of modern civilization.

Depression, compulsions, phobias and especially anxiety.

Why we are running? We run to save our life and we do not understand that life is actually left behind.

What we chase is the face of the expectations we think we must have.

Why we have to be successful, we have to have more money, we have to be educated-smart-beautiful-tired-weak-happy -we have to have the smartest kids, and we have to overcome the others, get more money from others, be more educated-smart-beautiful-tired-weak-happy than others.

We have to do, we have to be, we have to have something more and something more and we are all running to grab it and we are all struggling to achieve this “more”, and finally comes a moment where you understand that you lost the little that you had.

You did not enjoy your body and your youth, because you always wanted to be stronger, handsomer, sexier.

But when you are eighty years old and you look at the pictures of youth, you understand that you were more handsome than you believed then.

You did not enjoy your partner because he constantly complained and did not make enough money, and he was not romantic-handsome-erotic and because you did not get to work with him, you had to run.

But at the age of eighty, when you will not have him/her next to you, you will miss his complaints and his faults, and that stupid way he told you, “Oh, yes, I love you”

You did not enjoy your kids because you had to send them to the kindergarten so you could run to offer them everything and you had to prepare them for kindergarten, send them to elementary school, send them to learn – music-theater-ballet-computers, and they had to read all day to go to university and then leave the house before you even realized where time went.

And at eighty, you look at your children’s pictures and you understand that you did not get to embrace them as much as you wanted, you did not get to play with them because you had to run and they had to run.

You look back and you understand that you did not gain anything.

And that seems strange to you.

You were all running but you did not get it.

Why did you run then?

To pay all bills? But you still owe and new bills come every day.

And you understand that you were running to survive.

I’m sorry to say, but now, at the age of eighty, you do not have time for remorse.

Take a deep breath and empty your mind. Do not run anymore. Stop!

And if you are not eighty, if you have small children, embrace them, play with them. So quickly, before you realize it, they will no longer be children.

Stop! Take a breath.


What I Have Learned From my Mistakes

When we make mistakes, or rather while we are making them, we often don’t realize that they are mistakes. My excuse was always, “Oh, I’ll find a way around this,” or “Just this one time.”

I found out though that the more slack I gave myself, the more I repeated the behaviors, and then I beat myself up for not learning from my mistakes.

It is a big thing for me personally to be able to say that I have learned from my mistakes. It took time, effort, and a lot of tears.

Here is my personal list of lessons learned. I have a copy on my fridge so I never forget.

  1. Be honest about what you need and what you think you need.
  2. Ignorance is not bliss. Not knowing where you stand financially, can ruin you.
  3. Don’t buy unless you pay off your debts. No shoes, clothes, jewelry, spas, lattes.
  4. Stay on top of your bills every month. Pick a date and go through your bank accounts, bills, and payments.
  5. Run your home like you are the CEO of a huge corporation.
  6. Don’t “invest” in get-rich-quick schemes. You will only wind up spending more money. When something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is just that: Too good to be true.
  7. Be happy with every small victory. Every payment that you make toward your debt brings you closer to freedom.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You are not alone in this journey.
  9. Don’t be ashamed of your situation. MOST of us have been exactly where you are at some point in our lives.
  10. And last but not least, SMILE. Life is going by too fast. Smile; you’re doing the right thing. Every small step is a step closer toward achieving your goals.

Forbes: How Shaking Up The Working Week Boosts Morale

Kate Cooper

Research from Business in the Community shows that 61% of employees have experienced mental health issues due to work. So the increased focus on mental health at work is welcome; some of the UK’s biggest banks and law firms launched the Mindful Business Charter yesterday to coincide with World Mental Health Day, in which they commit to removing unnecessary sources of workplace stress, such as pressure to complete work ahead of deadline.

This is welcome action, as a report by The Institute of Leadership & Management, Mind Culture, which offers insight into the issue of mental ill health in the workplace, found that support with workload would help reduce workplace pressure which can lead to mental illness. Yet do employers recognize that reducing the working week might also have a role in offering this support, contributing to better work-life balance and therefore, possibly, better mental health?

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