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Are we living with too much baggage?

Awake late at night, helps me think, write and make life decisions.
Are we spoiled?
Are we demanding way too much of our lives?
Have we replaced quality with quantity?

Today’s society has planted new rules in our brains. We MUST succeed with our career, we MUST live in a great home, drive a great car, and the list goes on.
Have we realized how fast life goes by?
Have we realized that we are willingly sacrificing family moments, friends, fun and plain old relaxation to the little voice in our heads that has us convinced that we always need MORE?

More work
More money
More, more, more

And one day we wake up, a family member is really sick and we are jolted to reality. What are we doing?

Let’s think about this for a minute: We come to this world naked, and we depart with a pair of clothes. EVERYTHING else is on loan.
We will take NOTHING to the next stage. No career, no cars, no money, NOTHING!

So sit back and evaluate what you want out of LIFE. Not out of career, not out of money. Just LIFE.

Is any job or career worth our health, well-being, and lost opportunities to live a quality life?

It takes some guts, but sometimes just saying “I respectfully step down from my position”, is the biggest gift you can give yourself.
A gift that will be shared with family, significant others, and that will give you the opportunity to reboot, recharge, and help the ones in need around you with great joy. Family comes first. Do not forget that.

Some of you will ask: But money? It’s not all about money.

As a very dear friend Robert Emmons wrote in his book Six Thousand Sunrises:
Wrap your arms around your dreams,
drive off the naysayers and philistines,
embrace your new tomorrow with the passion to make your dreams, your truth.


How misunderstandings can happen – Do not Risk it

This happened to me and I am warning you all to NOT use the same password for all your online usage!

This started on my phone. I found out by shear chance…. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter…. was locked out of all. Had to work for 6 straight days to fix it all. Had to change passwords. Managed to log back in and found out that most of my connections had been blocked…. Imagine the terror…. people thinking that you have kicked them out of your life for no reason at all…..
I worked on every Social Media platform and unblocked them all….
Now all I can hope for is that they will see my post and reconnect.

Beware people…. The internet has changed our lives, has made connections valuable, has connected us with friends, family and colleagues all over the world, BUT has increased RISK exponentially.

So we suggest that you keep an Excel sheet with all your logins and passwords, or use Last Pass or another password software and keep them safe!

NEVER share passwords, do not create passwords with birth dates, or SSN, your actual names or email addresses. Use difficult and long passwords and CHANGE them periodically!!!!


A different kind of Risk

You hire people for their expertise, for their experience and knowledge.

It is important to remember this going forward. Team building is not easy.
As Gino Wickman writes in his book Traction:

“You can only run your business on one operating system.
You must have one abiding vision, one voice, one culture, and one operating system. This includes a uniform approach to how you meet, how you set priorities, how you plan and set your vision, the terminology you use, and the way you communicate with employees”.

Ego cannot exist when you are a leader. Everyone you hire has to have a voice that must be heard, respected and discussed. Think of your company as a big chain. If even one link is broken, the risk you face is that your company’s well being will suffer.




Career is not personal

Success comes from viewing your career and job for what it exactly is. There is nothing personal there, except for your commitment to the company you work for and putting your best foot forward daily.

During your life, you make acquaintances, and meet new people. Some become friends, some stay business acquaintances.
Never ever criticize any person for moving on, for changing roles, for accepting a new position, for working with people that you have a personal dislike to. This is unethical, selfish and self destructive.

Although the world is a huge place, the career sector in the city you live in, is pretty small. Don’t burn your chances for a next move by putting your Ego upfront.

Always be polite, professional, accepting, never hold grudges.

Companies come and go. People still need to make a decent living, and strive for the best.

Even CEO’s are being replaced at a maddening pace. Some of them are creative and also move on.

Our advice: NEVER burn bridges by letting your ego and pride get in the way.


Embrace what your employees write about your company

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAWcAAAAJGEzNzI5MGYyLWZiOWItNGI5NC05MGFmLTQ2YzFkMzkwYWZmNgI published this article on LinkedIn, in 2015, but it is as important today, as it was then.

Being a successful company is great. But listening to your employees’ feedback is essential. I have been reading a lot on Glassdoor and other sites, and what I read from employees about the companies they work for, made me cringe and start thinking.

It is not a good representation of your company if your employees feel that there is poor management, animosity, disrespect, lack of training, and only interest in making money.
You have to realize that without your employees, you would not be able to operate your business.
You also have to realize that times are changing and you have to adapt and change with the times.
Be flexible. Yes, your employees might have to work 40 hours per week, but if a job is done, and well done, let an employee leave early. This is not detrimental to your operations. On the contrary, flexibility in working hours will make your employees strive to do their best and be very productive. This is  a win win situation for you and your Company.
If you are rigid, then you will see that everyone will just work at a pace to fill the hours you require and this is all you will ever get. A simple example of this strategy, are gardeners. You ask how much they charge and they say x per hour. So you give them a job to do and they will milk you for as many hours as possible. Give them a total price for the job, and the job will finish in no time at all.

Also make sure that you provide initiatives for advancement. If an employee feel stuck, they will eventually leave. Job hoppers are very common these days, and this is a direct reflection of poor management, poor culture and disinterest toward your workforce.

So do yourself and your company a favor and stick to some newer rules:
1. Be flexible
2. Respect your employees
3. Train them
4. Give them all the possible tools to succeed. If they succeed, so does your company.
5. Give yearly raises, to cover the cost of living. All the prices go up. So should any salary.
6. Stop being stuck on the punch-card. Offer salaries instead of per hour compensations. The productivity changes dramatically.
7. Thank anyone for a job well done. You depend on your workforce, as much as you depend on your clients. Those two go hand in hand.
8. Last but not least, be OPEN MINDED. This is the only way to move forward and create your mark in the market.

Utopian Company or Not?


Got the idea to write, because of this article:
Especially paragraph 4:

#4: Build relationships at all levels

One of the most important, and most difficult, parts of being new is forging new relationships. And don’t only focus on your immediate reports. Meet people in all departments and at all levels of the organization. Just sitting down with someone and asking, “What should I know?” or “How would you make this company better?” can yield a treasure trove of information and insights. Find out who the key conduits of information are and develop an open channel for them to reach you directly. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut. Relationships take time to build. Stay present and connected to the conversation. Don’t be afraid to keep going even if it feels like you know everything you need to. Get to know your people and how they tick.

Many new executives fail here because they become too wrapped up in making an impression. They meet with people, but instead of listening they try to convince everyone they deserve the job. They go on about their background, previous successes, and the great plans they have for the future. Don’t fall into this trap. Stay humble and curious. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Use them proportionately.

The Utopian Corporation:

  1. Upper Management introduces themselves to everyone in the organization, spend time to see what everyone does and how it affects the company.
  2. Listen to everyone, no matter how high or low the position. Everyone’s work has an impact in the overall picture.
  3. Make your staff feel welcome, appreciated and say a good word from time to time. It goes a long way.
  4. You don’t hire before you give existing employees the courtesy of actually reading their resumes, and talking to them.
  5. You don’t let people go because you over-hired and it doesn’t fit your current plans…
    Families livelihoods depend on the job and the salary….
  6. Sit and share lunch with everyone, say a few good words, share wishes for Christmases, Holidays, New Year etc…
  7. As the article above says: Get to know your people and how they tick.
  8.  A good, solid, positive working environment, transparency, loyalty and solid character are never outdated.

There are great companies out there that encompass all the above and more.
My wish for 2018 and the workforce is, that everyone finds themselves in such an organization!



Work Relationships Matter


I find it amazing, how discussions can lead to ideas for my blog.
We all need to feel great at work and establish solid relationships with our colleagues, managers and bosses.
Having said that, there is a fine line. You cannot mistake work relationships as personal. Don’t get me wrong. There are true, deep and long lasting friendships being born from your work environment.
But you have to understand your environment, always be respectful, and never “demand” social inclusion.
Not being included in events outside work, does not mean that you are not liked at work or not respected. Believe in yourself, don’t be “short”, don’t take work related issues personally.  NEVER be sarcastic and ask why you were not included. This is plain rude, and shows insecurity.

IF you feel left out, then sit and think really hard if you are as giving, as collaborative and as helpful at work as you should be. If the answer is YES, then know that : This is NOT personal. This is work.

IF some of your truths say NO, then try to change your attitude, be more of a team player, try to do good every day.

IF you start a true friendship, NEVER cross the line, NEVER ask for personal favors, NEVER put your newfound friendship in an awkward position by taking liberties at work. Work is work, friendship is friendship.
Do not muddle those two.

My advice is:
Stay true to your values, be respectful, respect others no matter their position on the corporate ladder, always offer a helping hand, be compassionate, know how to say thank you, and always apologize honestly for a mistake or faux pas. We are all human.

Do not start disliking colleagues for non inclusion outside of work.
We all have our social circles.
This doesn’t mean that you are “hated”.

Grow up and believe in yourself and abilities. After all, you were hired for a reason. Find this reason in your heart and go for it with all your passion, hard work and team spirit!



Starting a business? Be honest

There is no such thing as becoming a millionaire by “selling” stuff that are owned by other companies on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Facebook etc.


Victims of Employment Scams Speak Out


Have some pride. By re-selling another company’s products without permission, you are in very blunt terms a thief.

By trying to scheme a company with different email addresses, names, IP addresses, you will win nothing. Have some pride, have some honesty.

Ask any company to become a certified re-seller and you are in business. Work hard for your goals, but learn that by flying on another’s wings you have nothing to be proud of or win.

You are unethical, you don’t play by the rules and in the end your prospective buyers will see right through you. Can you provide the same services the company you “steal” from does? Can you look your buyers in the eye and tell them that you are running a reputable company that strives for honesty, customer service and a great product?

All of you wanna be re-sellers out there, listen to me. We know you. We shut you down left and right. Stop wasting your time defrauding companies and show the world that you have integrity.

Find your own stuff to sell, or contact companies and ask officially to connect and work together.


Life and Career

Is telecommuting dead? Don't count on it, experts say

You are tired. Your life is hard. You have personal problems.
You are not alone.
Everyone has one or more issues in life.
This doesn’t mean that you are allowed to bring this baggage with you at work.
There is a savoir-faire and a code of behavior, no matter where you work, or what you do in life.
I have been in the Corporate sector since 1978, and have slowly but steadily created my own “Ten Commandments”. If you follow these rules, you can only succeed.
Try them out. What do you have to lose?

1. ALWAYS come to work early and with a smile on your face.
2. ALWAYS give 110%. Don’t wait for others to tell you what to do. Be proactive.
3. SHOW your superiors that you are interested. Genuinely interested.
4. DO yourself a favor and learn Time Management. It’s a priceless tool to organize your daily tasks, and workflow.
5. NEVER make personal announcements in front of all your colleagues. Personal information might make others uncomfortable and is usually inappropriate, unless you announce that you are getting married… You get the point.
6. WORK. Don’t waste your employer’s and your time by getting up and moving around your company every 10 minutes.
7. NEVER say you completed a task unless you actually did.
8. RESPECT your job, RESPECT yourself. Show some passion and enthusiasm.
9. Always help where help is needed. As your company needs you for the work you were employed to do, so do you. Without your employer you would have no work and so no income.


Happier With Less

Times are changing fast all around the world. A lot of people keep saying: “ah those good old days”. The old days were much simpler and people were used to living with much less.

Just think about it for a second. Did they have cell phones or television or Internet? Did they care if they would buy a new car every two years? Did they have stacks of clothes hanging in closets unused?

People were happy with one good pair of shoes, one Sunday outfit and a roof over their heads. OK I get it, nobody wants to live in what we have come to label as poverty anymore.

BUT living with less can actually make you happier.

My husband and I decided to do just that, and you can’t imagine how much happier we are. As a result we spend MUCH less, we actually have extra money left at the end of each month.

I will explain how we do it. In my last blog I explained how to create a budget. Using this budget, we see and decide how we can save even more.

Here’s the list:

  1. We never have lights on except for the room in which we are sitting.
  2. We have only ONE television set. No need to pay high cable bills.
  3. We did a research and cut the home phone line completely. We are only using our cell phones. We save about $120.00 per month. And you can add your cell phone to your local police station for reverse 911 calls and emergencies.
  4. We switch computers off at night and unplug everything from the walls. We managed to pay an average electric bill of $25 per month.
  5. We never let the water run while brushing our teeth. It’s a waste
  6. We use small space heaters and not the central heating unit, because this way we are warm where we sit and spend much less energy.
  7. We eat out once every other month. The rest of the time, we socialize with our friends and share dinners at our homes. We are having so much fun.
  8. We have a set grocery list and never “cheat”. We buy what we actually eat and never have to throw good food away. For a household of two, we pay no more than $850 per month for groceries, cleaning supplies, and cosmetics.
  9. We have created a “wish” list of clothes, shoes and accessories, and we send it to our friends and family. We have decided that receiving what we need during Christmas and our birthdays, makes it easy on the people who want to buy gifts for us, and we almost spend zero on clothing anymore.
  10. We don’t buy magazines. We can read everything we need online.

You can play with this list idea and you will see how much simpler your life will get and how much money you can save with little effort. We are very happy and wish you all the same! Life is about living happy and within our means.