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Companies around the world are worried about the GDPR: study


The GDPR is coming and even though it is an EU law, it will have a profound impact on businesses around the world, even those that don’t have a physical presence in the EU.

That’s because the GDPR’s protections apply to all individuals within the Union and non-EU companies that control or process data from individuals in EU are expected to register a representative and comply with the law. Those that don’t face stiff penalties, including fines of up to €20 million or 4% of global annual turnover.

Those fines likely explain why, according to a survey conducted by NetApp, which polled over 1,100 C-suite executives, CIOs and IT managers, companies around the globe are worried about the potential effects of the GDPR on their businesses.

44% of the companies NetApp surveyed fear that they could lose revenue because of a failure to comply with the GDPR. In the US, the percentage is even higher, with just over half of companies expressing this concern.

Globally, half of companies also worry that a failure to comply with the GDPR could result in reputational harm, a fear that doesn’t seem misplaced given the fallout from Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal. Econsultancy’s own GDPR research shows a starker picture, with 70% of brands very or somewhat concerned about the damage to brand reputation associated with non-compliance.

But the concern around GDPR compliance cuts way deeper than revenue loss and reputational damage. Globally, 35% of companies fear that the financial penalties possible under the GDPR could imperil their very existence. In the UK and US, over 40% feel this way, according to NetApp.

Unfortunately, while awareness of the GDPR is relatively high, two-thirds of companies are not confident they’ll be in compliance with the GDPR when it goes into effect. Beyond the general complexity of the GDPR, there’s a seemingly good explanation for this: well under half (40%) of those polled by NetApp indicated that their businesses are confident they know where their data is stored.

According to NetApp, “Understanding where data is stored is the first step for businesses towards GDPR compliance.” In other words, it’s hard to comply with the GDPR if you don’t know where the data you’re required to protect actually lives.

Econsultancy’s GDPR research is perhaps more optimistic than the NetApp figures, with 33% of clientside marketers saying they already have a plan or framework in place for compliance and 50% saying that whilst they don’t yet have a plan, they are working on one.

A silver lining

The good news for companies is that despite any challenges they face in complying with the GDPR, the opportunities will arguably far outweigh the costs. As Kieran Flanagan recently explained, the GDPR will help companies deliver better user experiences and use their data more effectively.

“If you focus on this as an opportunity to improve how you handle data and how you engage with your prospect and customers, you’ll see that this is a step in the right direction,” he suggested.

What’s more, given the likelihood that rules similar to those promulgated by the GDPR are eventually likely to be enacted in other parts of the world, including in the US, companies that make the effort and investments necessary to comply with GDPR should be well-positioned to deal with new legislation. This is likely to be especially true for businesses that embrace the GDPR as a global standard.

Choice of paths, choice of risks on Greek-FYROM border

Posted By kallona on 03/03/2016

SOPHIE MAKRIS, From: eKathimerini

Migrants who are waiting to cross the Greek-FYROM border, try to bring down a tree near the village of Idomeni.
Their paths separate under a frayed banner that reads “Welcome to Greece,” some two kilometers from the border with Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Ahmed Majid, a Syrian, will take his place among thousands of fellow Syrian and Iraqi refugees stuck at the border crossing of Idomeni where FYROM only allows a few hundred through each day.
To read the entire article, go to: ForGreeksWorldwide

Marketing Ethics

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired with the current marketing strategies of certain companies. You are invited to watch a video, or a landing page, and it literally loses me in the first 5 seconds.

You will ask why? Well, I don’t want to hear 600 times if I would love to look better, make more money, or anything, accompanied by not so official stories of success, only to end up at the end of the video or page, to see that IF you REALLY want all that you have to buy this, that or the other.

How about you start respecting your prospective clients and customers by being honest. Yes share a video or a landing page or even a webinar, and take 10 seconds to tell your audience all the great stuff your company offers, if we only pay this or that amount to learn the how to, or buy your product?

Don’t underestimate the savvy consumer or business person by claiming things that are not proven. Branding your company and gaining respect in the market is essential. Don’t use Facebook or other social media with LOUD titles such as W. White is being fired from TV O M G she is hiding a huge secret, or Helen DeGeneres, only to have people land to a page that claims to have the latest cream, or pill that will magically transform you.

Have you ever seen Dell let’s say, or Macy’s, or Microsoft drag you through the mud to convince you to buy something or subscribe to a service? Of course not! Be honest. Respect who you are and what your company stands for.

In today’s ever changing market, EVERYONE wants to become a billionaire in 5 minutes, pushing buttons, becoming an affiliate of shady companies that show you income pictures from their so called Bank Accounts or PayPal accounts.

Give me a break!

And I do not mean everyone! There are fantastic, hard working honest companies that stand behind their products or services and who respect YOU, the end buyer.

Stick with those good companies and do not fall prey for shady business practices. It is really a shame to see such ethics and conduct, especially now that we have so many wonderful tools to further our businesses and be proud of our process, our product and the people we come in contact with!

Quackmail: Why You Shouldn’t Fall For The Internet’s Newest Fool, The Food Babe.

I had to share this article, because we all fall prey to so-called “insiders” and “experts” who claim they know everything, but in the end confuse the public even more.

Article, courtesy of:

She made the front page of the Financial Times as the blogger who humbled Big Food and whose latest campaign for transparency in beer ingredients left “The King of Beers,” Anheuser Busch InBev, and close running rival SabMiller clamoring like Neville Chamberlain to appease a bully. “The rapid response by AB InBev and SABMiller—which capitulated to Ms Hari’s demands within 36 hours—underscores the growing power of social media over corporate policy,” wrote the FT’s Consumer Industries Editor, Scheherazade Daneshkhu.

Ironically, one of the key factoids in blogger Vani Hari—aka, “The Food Babe’s”—attack on Big Beer was that they “even use fish swim bladders” to make their product without putting this self-evidently dodgy fact on the label; the implication is that beer should not from fish bladder be made. Yet, isinglass—as dried fish bladder is Tolkienesquely called—has been used to clarify beer, wine and liquor since the early 18th century, and its manufacture was widespread in Colonial America (a versatile compound, it was also mixed with gin and used as a glue to repair broken china). While this may cause vegans to pause before a draught, isinglass has been used and consumed without incident for centuries. Continue reading “Quackmail: Why You Shouldn’t Fall For The Internet’s Newest Fool, The Food Babe.”

Avoid tech support phone scams

Avoid tech support phone scamsThis happened to me today, and because I am very vigilant, I hung up on them. Here is the article from Microsoft’s own site:

Cybercriminals don’t just send fraudulent email messages and set up fake websites. They might also call you on the telephone and claim to be from Microsoft. They might offer to help solve your computer problems or sell you a software license. Once they have access to your computer, they can do the following: Continue reading “Avoid tech support phone scams”

Victims of Employment Scams Speak Out

Victims of Employment Scams Speak OutI had to share this article for all of you.

Adding insult to injury during a recession, some people are preying on the vulnerable and unemployed.

You’ve seen the titillating ads, saying things like: “Make $600 a Day Wearing Your Pajamas” or “Achieve Financial Freedom Without Ever Leaving Your Couch.” Continue reading “Victims of Employment Scams Speak Out”

Bad Customer Service, is Bad for Your Business

I have been coaching, and teaching for many years. I have seen some great companies, some good ones and some horrible ones. By horrible, I don’t mean the people. I mean the company structure, their philosophy, their setup in general. A company’s image is set by the company’s owner/s.

I decided to write this post, after an extremely weird experience I had lately with  a company that sells fashion jewelry and goes into amazing lengths to advertize on social media. I found the product line interesting, so I decided to order a ring. Their prices are really cheap.

So, I went to their website, placed my order and received an email that promised shipping within 3 business days. 9 days later, I log in to their site again, (by the way their site stated that it was down during these 9 days), and find my order which states still processing. At that point I go to their Facebook page and write a complain. Guess what? They deleted it. That was my first red flag.I read many similar complaints on their page, which were unanswered too. One page fan even dared them to delete their complaint.

Then I proceeded to email the company asking about my shipping. I waited another three days, to receive a canned response. I had paid via PayPal, so I started a non-receipt claim, to which NOBODY from the company even blinked to post a response. Finally my ring arrived 3 weeks later.

So here is my advice to the company’s owners:
1. When you get paid for the goods that you sell, you absolutely HAVE to adhere to your written promises.
2. You MUST train your customer service department.
3. Your business’s success depends on returning customers. Being dismissive and plainly deleting posts and disregarding complaints, you say to the world that you don’t care.
4. In this worldwide competitive business and social media’s power, word gets out faster than you can blink and if you continue to treat unsatisfied customers this way, your business will not go very far.
5. Be open minded. Learn from the complaints you receive. Strive to be the best that you can EVERY SINGLE DAY.
6. It is not ALL about the money. INTEGRITY, HONESTY, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE & WORD OF MOUTH make or break a company.






Pricing yourself and services

When you offer any kind of professional service, you have to know how much to charge. Be prepared, look around. Do an online search for similar services and check out prices.

Do not go over your local Market, but do not under charge either. It is really strange, but when you charge much less than the Market, people tend to think that your services are not worth much. The buyer’s psychology is very important when you try to land a new client.

Also do not apologize for what you charge. 90% of prospective clients will say that they can’t afford you, trying to make you lower your fee. Don’t fall for this trap. Stand your ground by being very polite and by explaining in detail what your services will entail on your part, how much time it will involve and why you are an expert in your field.

It is really ok not to land a client sometimes. On the other hand, if you bend over backwards to get the client, you will seem desperate.

So this is a very tiny rope you are walking on. I am sure that you try to land clients via all the social media platforms out there, and many times there is not the response that you expect. Keep in mind that the internet and social media platforms are inundated with information and millions of businesses just like you trying to do the same thing.

Try to keep your perspective local. Once you establish yourself in your local market, then you can venture further.

Never overdo it with constant posts, constant updates to your pages. People now know how to either unlike your page, stop following your tweets, and simply blocking your information from being uploaded on their news feed on Facebook.

There is a silver line. Be present without annoying people, respect who you are and what you do, make sure that your posts are up to date and always relevant to what you have to offer. Do not post personal jokes, or pictures on any of your professional pages. Respect your clientele so that they respect you.


Facebook has become our daily crutch, companion, and opinion platform.
There is though something called Social Media manners and rules.

Before you click share on any announcement, do yourself a favor and go to snopes and make sure what you are telling your friends is valid and not something that simply goes around. If you want to be involved in Facebook, at least become somewhat savvy. Don’t “buy” everything you read, everything shared from people you know.

There is something called too much. How many cute dog and cats pictures can your friends see per day? Be mindful of other users as well. 3 to 5 posts per day is fine. When you literally bombard people, they will either block you, or simply choose not to see your posts on their timeline. Simple as that. This way, when you have something serious to share nobody will see it.

If you have a “fan” – business page, make sure you post relevant stuff, make sure you do not ruin your credibility by using your business page for fun and games.

Talking about games. PLEASE do not invite everyone on your list to games. There are many of those games that have viruses, and you really don’t want to destroy your friends’ computers. The other part is, that a lot of people do not use Facebook to play games. Respect their wishes.

You can have tons of fun on Facebook, without harassing others, without making them feel stalked, without making them closing their chat box simply to avoid you.

Make your presence on Facebook relevant, behave as if you were in a room filled with people, some of who you know and some not. Be polite, respectful, and mindful that you might insult someone unbeknownst to you.

I hope that you will take this to heart and teach yourself about social media and the impact they have in our daily existence.


About a new friend, Mike Omar

I rarely write about others in my blog. This one though not only caught my attention, but also made me change my simple blog to a website-blog.

Looking around to buy a new book for my Kindle, I saw a title that captured my curiosity: HOW TO START A BLOG THAT PEOPLE WILL READ, by Mike Omar. I bought it and started reading, to see what this guy had to say. BIG POSITIVE SURPRISE!!!

Needless to mention that I am sick and tired of the same marketing recipe that is floating all around us. And I mean: “this book will show you how to this and that and the other… Have you ever……???? Well I am here to……” 30 some pages go by and you still haven’t even started reading what you bought the book for!

Not Mike Omar though. He captured my attention from the first paragraph and literally reignited my passion, my fire and my inspiration. I have been writing my blog since July 2010 and with a lot of patience and persistence I gathered 700 followers and subscribers. Not a small feat for a novice like me.

He took me from blah… to WOW in a minute! So my friends, I followed step-by-step his easy to understand, straight forward advice and here I am today with a brand new website-blog of my own, that supports WordPress and I have a wonderful blog with new features, more interactive and without space limits.

I am still learning by Mike, and I will make this a lucrative blog that can eventually bring me some income.

I totally urge you to go see what Mike Omar is all about, at

Even if you are not interested in blogging, you will learn some valuable stuff.