Communicating clear messages

Communicating-clear-messagesDuring my last visit to Greece, I was invited to speak at a business conference, about communicating with your employees effectively.
Little did I know that this very topic is so important to myself as well these days.

Here is what I said:
With the rapid changes in the business world, Companies change employees and management more often than in past decades. The result is poor communication, insecurity, wrong expectations, and poor results.
The key factor is for the Management to have a very clear and open communications channel with the entire workforce.
If you want changes, talk to your team, explain your expectations, be ready to listen and also accept some resistance.
If someone has been hired in a specific position, or if someone new gets hired, make absolutely sure that you have meetings. People don’t have a clue what you want from them unless you talk to them. Not everything in a company is black or white, and sometimes even an invisible employee might have something valuable to say or to add to the success of a company.

NEVER take people for granted. NEVER underestimate someone’s character, honesty, and work ethic. You rarely know someone outside of the work environment, so you don’t even know where they come from, what their experiences are, and what they have done in the past, except for the obvious, which is stated in their resumes.

So make plans, have a vision, talk to everyone. If your workforce is honest, hard working and ethical, be flexible. You don’t want to lose good people from an established team. Respect what each of them has to offer, and ALWAYS be clear as to what you expect of them.

Gratitude and even harder work and devotion will be your rewards.

If on the other hand you let people guess at who they are in your company, the end result will be either losing them for good, or having them do the very necessary work and not give you 110% every day. Don’t you think that people want to be the very best at what they are hired to do? Don’t you think that people are proud to be called professionals?
So open your doors, your minds, and your ears, tell people what you need, listen to what they have to say, accept what they have to offer and always be flexible. You have nothing to lose. Instead you will gain loyal employees and management and your company will grow exponentially, because there is a clear communication channel.


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