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Today I will explain some very easy steps to keep your PC in order. A lot of you have asked me about problems you are having with you PC performance and I will try to explain a few steps to keep your computer alive and working properly for as long as possible. First thing that you have to realize is that every computer keeps the so-called cookies and also temporary files for EVERY single website you visit. Once a week you should clear your browsing history and everything else.
For Internet Explorer users: Internet Explorer 1 Internet Explorer 2 Internet Explorer 3











For Firefox users it is a little simpler. All you have to do is click on History on the top of your browser, and select Clear recent history and then delete.

Another step, is to use Disk Cleanup which is integrated in your PC and delete all unnecessary files.

Another great tool which you can use for free is called Ccleaner,, download it and it will help you keep your PC clean.

Doing that, will keep your hard disk freer, and will optimize your computer’s performance.

Some of you reading this may laugh out loud, but there are A LOT of people who simply use their computers for Facebook, or email, or games, and they don’t realize that cleaning it is important.

And please make sure that you have McAfee total protection, or something similar to also protect your computer from viruses and other attacks.

Feel free to send me questions. I am here to help and I do not take for granted that every computer owner in the world knows everything.

See you next week!

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