Cutting corners with Customer Support

Companies beware!
From professional experience and as a customer, I am telling you that if you cut corners to retain more revenue, you are hurting your company.

Customer Support is pivotal for every company’s success! If I call any company, and need 5 minutes to navigate through bots who almost always reply: I didn’t get that please try again, I simply hang up. Done.

Automation is great for where it is needed. BUT to save on your overhead try to hire remote people. There’s a great and effective place for technology and automation.

If you treat your customers as something that doesn’t deserve a live voice to get help, then you are hurting your brand and your future sales.

Nobody wants to go through a maze. And NEVER FORGET!
There is a generation out there, spending a lot of money on your products, still alive and kicking that isn’t patient or knowledgeable with talking and interacting with bots.

Food for thought! And no company can ever replace all humans to save a buck. If there are no more jobs, then there will be mo more buyers!

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