Debt Relief Services: Part 1

This post has been long overdue. Having been in your shoes with huge debt and being FINALLY debt free, I want to share the entire process to help millions of you in the same situation.

I will break this into 3 parts, because I want to cover every aspect. I have written quite a few pieces about debt. Now it’s time to write the about the way you can control, get educated and put the last nail on the debt coffin!

Today, I will talk about the Internet, the myriad of companies that offer debt relief services and the one Company that actually helped me get rid of my Debt. I am honored to introduce CareOne Debt Relief Services!

In 2008 I was obliged to close one of my businesses because of the economy’s collapse and was stuck with $40,000 in debt. As many small business owners, being low in cash, I was charging everything on my credit cards. BIG MISTAKE, we all know it, but when you have no other option it’s the only way to stay afloat, or so we think.

When banks refuse to help you despite what they say, when you are trying hard to keep your business running, you wake up one morning and realize that the well is dry, that you cannot afford to pay your bills, or anything else for that matter.

When this happened to me, I decided to fight back and after a long and tedious search I found CareOne Debt Relief Services. I placed a call and was surprised to find a very savvy and polite human being at the other end of the line, who took the time to explain what the company offers, who gave me such relief and hope, that I signed up.

Here’s how it works: You add up all your credit card debt, they send letters to your creditors and strike a deal for you, which will save you thousands of dollars in interest.
In the beginning you have to keep making the minimum payments to all your cards, but as soon as the Credit Card companies accept the proposals, you are good to go.

The providers of CareOne Debt Relief Services provide multiple solutions for paying off unsecured debt.
You agree on a fixed monthly payment, you stop using those credit cards and you are in control of your Debt.

Their website, offers unparalleled support, expert advice and resources through their CareOne Community.

To sign up and take the first step toward financial freedom, visit:

The second part of this series, will be about questions I’ve come across, and my honest answers.

I wish you all the best in your effort to become Debt Free, once and for all!

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