Debt Relief Services: Part 3

You just made your last payment and are finally debt free. Good for you. Pat your back, and feel proud.

Now what? Do you have a plan for your future? Have you actually learned anything from this struggle? If yes you are on the right path to financial freedom.

If not, which is what I am talking about today, you’re in the same train and will be back asking for debt relief help within 6 months.
What is it that makes people get right back in debt? I have witnessed with my own eyes and ears, people saying: Now we can finally start going shopping again.

This makes me want to scream. Shopping for what???? Do you realize what you have just been through in order to get out of debt? Have put aside an emergency fund that you DO NOT touch?

If not, you are in trouble. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT own more than one credit card. Yes just one. This way you will not get into trouble. I watch shopping channels to see what it is that makes people fly off the handles in shopping sprees.

They know exactly what they are doing. Amazing how they play with your brain, your thoughts, they have you salivating with good evening. BUT not everything they say is true. I happened to watch one episode with “exclusive” Steve Madden shoes that I happened to have in my closet and bought at Macy’s. The exclusive price they offered was 25% higher than the price I paid at Macy’s. I wrote to them, asked them, even posted on their Facebook page. NEVER received an answer.

Please start thinking for yourselves. Stop being impulsive, stop living in the I need mentality, when you actually have more than everything you NEED.

What you want is a whole other story. So, I have a test for you. When you really get the shopping itch, stop and think what it is you think you will buy, go straight to your closet, and throw out 3 items. Any 3 items. It hurts doesn’t it? Well, every time you want to splurge for now reason, throw away 3 items and bring back only 1. Teach yourself restrain, teach yourself to have fun within limits, to plan ahead, to have a cushion to fall on in case of an emergency.

Learn to create a budget, to start each month with a few dollars left from the month before. It can be done and I am here to help, to talk, to give you tips, to show you ways to work things out.

You managed to pay off your DEBT!!!!

DON’T Fall in the same trap again!



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