Educate yourself to train your employees

You are a business owner and this is great!
There are a few rules to this game though. You cannot demand excellence from your employees, if you don’t educate yourself about the business you own.

Example that happened:
Local coffee shop.
A phone order is placed for 2 sandwiches.
15 minutes later customer arrives to pick up the order.
Order is not ready, employee starts the order.
Using bare hands without gloves to touch food. Big NO NO.
Bending over the counter to pick up mustard and other condiments, and her t-shirt and belly touch the meal being prepared.
Customer mentions it. The reply: Oh my t-shirt is clean.
Management nowhere around.

How would you feel if this happened to you?
Each business is different.
So do yourself a huge favor and learn about the rules of your specific business.
Then, sit and train your employees properly, so that obvious faux pas never happen.
This is what Business Consultants do. Teach you how to run your business properly.
Never Risk your reputation or business by thinking that you know everything.


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