Efficiency makes your clients come back!

bolder_co_hip_pain_doctor_fullDoctors, Dentists, Hair Salons, and Business owners who make appointments with their customers and patients, PLEASE stop relying on those old fashioned postcard reminders. It has proven to be SO inefficient.

Most receptionists either forget to mail them, or customers and patients don’t fill them out. It is NOT cost effective any longer.

Embrace some basic technology here. You all have email and calendars, and phones and cell phones.

When your clients come in, do them the favor and ask for their email. Then when they leave, simply add to your calendar the date that they need to be reminded for their next appointment and EMAIL them. This will cost you NOTHING, but is so efficient and people can simply add this to their calendars. Those few who do not have email or a cell phone that receives messages, can opt to receive the postcard.

I have had it with my dentist. It has been 2 years since my last visit and he popped in my mind the other day. So I called his office and the receptionists, instead of apologizing simply said: “Oh this keeps happening and I have no idea why”. Don’t you think that this lack of modern service costs your business? Don’t you think that extremely busy people need some convenience? Don’t you care that your own patients do not come back? Is that what any business wants? I sure hope not.

We live in a fast paced social media and email based communication world. Some basic organizational skills and time management make your companies more efficient, your clients happier and your business flourish.

It takes some work to get organized. I get it. But in the long run, a smooth operation makes all the difference. Customer service excellence, is the only way to run a successful business nowadays.

If you need any tips, or have questions as to how-to approach this, I am an email away.


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