Email, Email, Email….. Clutter

Hi everyone!

I couldn’t resist this topic; It comes up daily; actually quite a few times a day.

How many times have you heard: “Aw I am sorry but I never got your email”, or “Can you please send me that email again? I can’t find it”… and the list goes on and on and on.
I don’t have to tell you how frustrating this all is, and especially when it keeps happening.

Email has lost its charm. People get so many emails per day that they lose count, they don’t want to spend a little time to clean the clutter, yes the clutter from their in-boxes, and voila! All the hard work you do to email a file to a client, a boss, a colleague goes to waste. 
Inbox clutter is the mirror image of our own environment’s clutter. I’ve seen it again and again. When you deal with people who misplace emails, can’t find them, lose them, don’t read them, you are actually dealing with unorganized people. Check out their desk, their office, their home.
There is a solution to this. If you dedicate 15 minutes per day to really check your inbox, and spend the time to unsubscribe from unwated emails, you will be able to actually use your email properly.
1. You can politely ask any company you subscribe to, to not sell or distribute your email.
2. You can call the customer service of these companies and ask them to remove your email from their list.
3. You can enter your personal email address to the Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service. You can do this online, or by sending them a letter and your email will be off spam lists for 5 years!
4. When you are expecting someone’s email, make sure to add their email address to you preferred senders list, make sure to reply immediately that you received their email.
5. If you receive an important email, read it, reply to the sender and once you are done, either delete it or save it as unread to get back to it later.
6. Once a week, take a look and delete EVERYTHING that you do not need. Keeping emails forever will confuse you.

A lot of my clients have no idea if they have replied to messages, if they have sent an order they received via email. It is imperative to be on top of that. Get organized. It is the polite and professional way to present yourself online, to respect colleagues, clients and above all yourself.

And last but not least, a few tips to write proper emails:

* Do not use ALL CAPS. You don’t have to yell at other people. This is unapropriate
* Do not forward chain emails and hoax or virus alerts, unless you are absolutely sure that the recipient is interested in what you have to say>
* Do not forward jokes to your entire email list.
* Try to answer all the questions, be precise and keep it short
* Avoid using URGENT all the time. It frustrates the recipient.
* Avoid using the “REPLY TO ALL” button. Respect other people’s privacy. Not everyone wants to see their email address out there. Use the Bcc option (blind carbon copy)

Will be back next week with more!

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