Embrace what your employees write about your company

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAWcAAAAJGEzNzI5MGYyLWZiOWItNGI5NC05MGFmLTQ2YzFkMzkwYWZmNgI published this article on LinkedIn, in 2015, but it is as important today, as it was then.

Being a successful company is great. But listening to your employees’ feedback is essential. I have been reading a lot on Glassdoor and other sites, and what I read from employees about the companies they work for, made me cringe and start thinking.

It is not a good representation of your company if your employees feel that there is poor management, animosity, disrespect, lack of training, and only interest in making money.
You have to realize that without your employees, you would not be able to operate your business.
You also have to realize that times are changing and you have to adapt and change with the times.
Be flexible. Yes, your employees might have to work 40 hours per week, but if a job is done, and well done, let an employee leave early. This is not detrimental to your operations. On the contrary, flexibility in working hours will make your employees strive to do their best and be very productive. This is  a win win situation for you and your Company.
If you are rigid, then you will see that everyone will just work at a pace to fill the hours you require and this is all you will ever get. A simple example of this strategy, are gardeners. You ask how much they charge and they say x per hour. So you give them a job to do and they will milk you for as many hours as possible. Give them a total price for the job, and the job will finish in no time at all.

Also make sure that you provide initiatives for advancement. If an employee feel stuck, they will eventually leave. Job hoppers are very common these days, and this is a direct reflection of poor management, poor culture and disinterest toward your workforce.

So do yourself and your company a favor and stick to some newer rules:
1. Be flexible
2. Respect your employees
3. Train them
4. Give them all the possible tools to succeed. If they succeed, so does your company.
5. Give yearly raises, to cover the cost of living. All the prices go up. So should any salary.
6. Stop being stuck on the punch-card. Offer salaries instead of per hour compensations. The productivity changes dramatically.
7. Thank anyone for a job well done. You depend on your workforce, as much as you depend on your clients. Those two go hand in hand.
8. Last but not least, be OPEN MINDED. This is the only way to move forward and create your mark in the market.

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