Facebook has become our daily crutch, companion, and opinion platform.
There is though something called Social Media manners and rules.

Before you click share on any announcement, do yourself a favor and go to snopes and make sure what you are telling your friends is valid and not something that simply goes around. If you want to be involved in Facebook, at least become somewhat savvy. Don’t “buy” everything you read, everything shared from people you know.

There is something called too much. How many cute dog and cats pictures can your friends see per day? Be mindful of other users as well. 3 to 5 posts per day is fine. When you literally bombard people, they will either block you, or simply choose not to see your posts on their timeline. Simple as that. This way, when you have something serious to share nobody will see it.

If you have a “fan” – business page, make sure you post relevant stuff, make sure you do not ruin your credibility by using your business page for fun and games.

Talking about games. PLEASE do not invite everyone on your list to games. There are many of those games that have viruses, and you really don’t want to destroy your friends’ computers. The other part is, that a lot of people do not use Facebook to play games. Respect their wishes.

You can have tons of fun on Facebook, without harassing others, without making them feel stalked, without making them closing their chat box simply to avoid you.

Make your presence on Facebook relevant, behave as if you were in a room filled with people, some of who you know and some not. Be polite, respectful, and mindful that you might insult someone unbeknownst to you.

I hope that you will take this to heart and teach yourself about social media and the impact they have in our daily existence.


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