Hiring/Recruiting Behavior

Your company is looking to hire new talent. Good for you!

You are starting to receive resumes. Now what?
Here are the basic rules that you have to understand:

Know that you are being vetted as well by any prospective employee.

  1. You have to show how professional you are, by replying to each and every resume you receive. Example: Thank you for taking the time to apply to the …… position we are offering. We will reply with next steps.
  2. If you fail to reply, you simply tell prospective employees that you don’t have a system in place and that you are not behaving professionally.
  3. Know that qualified candidates who do not hear back from your company within 2 days, are simply deleting you from their search. You ignored them, so they will ignore you.

Being graceful and respecting every human being taking the time to provide your company with all the information you require, deserves a polite and professional reply immediately, whether you choose to invite this person for an interview, or if you decide to go with someone else.

And a note to the Hiring Companies out there:
Teach your bots to actually offer jobs according to uploaded resumes.
It is really frustrating for a job seeker to receive daily emails with “great matching jobs” that are 600 miles away from the job seeker’s home base, or are completely irrelevant.
I have received emails for a “great match” as a janitor and my resume is full of financial background information.

So Companies and Recruiters get your act together, NEVER snub anyone applying for a job, and learn to respect every job seeker. You never know who you are turning away, and this might hurt the success of your company.






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