How bad do you want success?

How bad do you want success?  I hear a ton about success, but I don’t see a lot of action to go with it. Very few people are actually willing to put in the work in order to succeed.

There are basic rules in order to really succeed. 1. You cannot wait for work, clients and success to land on your door.

2. You have to be relentless, work your hinny off day in and day out and be consistent.

3. Be adaptable. If you are going through a change of paths, move on. Leave the past behind. Learn from your mistakes.

4. NEVER gossip, NEVER put people in jeopardy by repeating what you hear or know. Be professional

5. Be prepared for setbacks.  Adapt your lifestyle to your actual income. Portraying an “image” when you are trying to make it is not always to your benefit. Some might think you are already a success so immediately over-qualified for a job, or you don’t need anyone’s help. Others might perceive you as a snob who hangs on to a lifestyle to prove a point.

6. Be humble, respectful and don’t be afraid to start from scratch and climb your way up the ladder again.

7. Show ethics. Being ethical in today’s fast paced professional world will set you apart.

8.  Be open to learning, to accepting other opinions.

9. If you want to succeed as an employee, then ALWAYS accept your employer for who they are. Don’t forget that they made it thus far before deciding to hire you.

10. Working for a company and complaining does not go together. You will become a target and lose your job in a jiffy.

If you stick to the rules, you will succeed. Have your boss’s back. Be a team player. Offer your help before you are being asked to do so. Go the extra mile, be gracious.

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