How flexible are you?

Startups, Crowd funding, Tech Companies, established companies, how flexible are you?

How much do you listen to the pulse of modern day employees, colleagues and the workforce you hire?

How much do you take for granted that you will always find the perfect match to do the job?

Are you clever enough not to let a great employee go? Are you flexible enough to adapt to someone’s lifestyle and keep a happy employee instead of going to great lengths to replace a “job well done”?

The competition is fierce. The good people are out there. How much are you willing to “give” in order to run a well oiled machine? If someone quits, do you try to offer the person an alternative?

Are you so set in your own plans that you are willing to sacrifice good employees for an uncertainty? Of course you may find the perfect match. But if not? The hours of training from scratch, the frustration of finding out that a new recruit might not work?

Employers, start thinking. Times are changing, your footprint should be starting to get smaller, your policies much more flexible, and the happiness of your workforce should be your top priority. No job is small. There is an entire chain of people who strive for your success. If you lose them, you might as well close your doors for good.

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