How misunderstandings can happen – Do not Risk it

This happened to me and I am warning you all to NOT use the same password for all your online usage!

This started on my phone. I found out by shear chance…. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter…. was locked out of all. Had to work for 6 straight days to fix it all. Had to change passwords. Managed to log back in and found out that most of my connections had been blocked…. Imagine the terror…. people thinking that you have kicked them out of your life for no reason at all…..
I worked on every Social Media platform and unblocked them all….
Now all I can hope for is that they will see my post and reconnect.

Beware people…. The internet has changed our lives, has made connections valuable, has connected us with friends, family and colleagues all over the world, BUT has increased RISK exponentially.

So we suggest that you keep an Excel sheet with all your logins and passwords, or use Last Pass or another password software and keep them safe!

NEVER share passwords, do not create passwords with birth dates, or SSN, your actual names or email addresses. Use difficult and long passwords and CHANGE them periodically!!!!


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