How To Fail

It is very surprising to see that there are Companies and Organizations out there that don’t have a clue on how to run their business.

I got a call today and I want to bring attention to the following red flags to avoid:

  1. The caller ID was from a foreign Country.
  2. He asked to speak with Mariella. When I asked who was calling, he insisted: “Is this Mariella”?
  3. The name of the Organization was only mentioned after the call intrigued me enough to hear more.
  4. The seller told me that he was representing one of the biggest Women’s Groups.
  5. When I mentioned LinkedIn he wasn’t sure.
  6. After asking a lot of questions about my background that are already visible on every Business platform, he quickly asked for my credit/debit card information.

Needless to say that this organization lost a sale.

I researched the said Group in LinkedIn and saw this:

For claiming to be one of the “biggest” organizations, this surely looks suspicious.

Nobody will give you their credit/debit card information via phone any longer.

If you are indeed a legitimate business, then make sure that your prospective clients, members, customers feel safe!

No established business lacks a professional presence.

No established business lacks a way for buyers/clients to pay online via a safe payment portal.

So do your Business or Organization a huge favor and build a foundation that will show the world that you are legitimate, professional and trustworthy.


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