How to upgrade your company

Some very important steps to succeed


  1. DO NOT have a simple http website! HTTPS is a must nowadays
  2. DO NOT have wrong links on your website. If you have a twitter account and your link just points to instead of your account, you are losing followers and visibility.
  3. Never leave your Copyright date sitting at the bottom of your website for years….. Update yearly! Not doing so, shows your visitors that you are not actively engaging.
  4. You MUST have even a simple GDPR page and pop up so that people can accept your online policy.
  5. Update your website’s links! Google+ IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
  6. Be active on LinkedIn. A company name without any engagement, Company owners, CEO’s, COO’s etc without at least a picture on their profile are making people question your commitment.
  7. Update, Update, Update! Even your website’s theme. We are in 2019, not 2000 anymore!


Follow those steps and you will see the difference in engagement and even new potential customers/buyers.

Don’t slack! Work it!

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