How you can ruin your business

The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship

Based on events that happened.
You move to a new town. You open a new business. You wear all the charm you can master on your face, approach new people and ask for help to put your business on the map. You land top professionals, who in good faith give you some leeway by signing agreements and are promised payment.

You receive publicity for free, land articles in local press, get connected to top opportunities in town that will make your business boom. So far so good.

If you want to succeed, you have to follow some important rules:

1. You establish respect and credibility by being on top of your obligations.
2. You NEVER treat hired professionals like they don’t matter.
3. The excuse of having no funds to pay for services rendered can go so far. You do pay for your business to run, (rent, utilities, taxes, staff etc.)
4. If you fail to deliver on promises, you cannot be surprised if professionals who helped you build your business will close you down by one tiny article in the local press they connected you to in the first place.
5. You ask to be paid by any customer who enters your business. What if you were treated the same way by your own customers?

In conclusion, if you want respect and success, you have to respect others and pay them their dues. This way you will earn the respect of the town you opened your new business. Nobody comes as a newcomer in any town and demands to take it by storm by being slippery, dishonest, and disrespectful.

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