Internet Presence of Businesses and Individuals

My line of business is very demanding and interesting. I see and hear a lot. What strikes me as strange, is how easily people who have no idea about how the world-wide web functions, decide to remove their presence from it.
Social Media, personal or business official websites, are an absolute must these days, especially if one tries to establish themselves as a public figure, business, artists, etc. The web is your business card, your portfolio, your proof of serious existence.
Other companies, your peers, business opportunities, knock on your virtual door, if you have a complete, and cohesive presence. Most people think that paying for a website is not worth their time and money, and that it serves them very little. What they don’t understand is, that without an official online presence, you do not receive the dues that you are worth either as a business entity, an artist, a professional.

Publicity, success, interaction, and branding are going hand-in-hand to help you establish who you are and what you do. The days of “leafing” through the phone book, listening to the radio to hear about someone for the first time, and simple existing out there are over.
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media channels are great aids, BUT your website is your business card. It is your stamp of authenticity, your complete resume, your entrepreneurial id card.

Do not take advice from people who are not in the business of marketing, branding and publicity. If you want success, you have to follow today’s rules. You have to give in order to receive. You can’t sit back and wait for Facebook to create your brand. Social Media is there to enhance your brand, not create it. Expensive as it may be, it is well worth the benefits, exposure to the entire world, and validity of your brand.

If you have any questions, or comments, contact me and I will help you understand the basics of this entire new world.

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