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Continuing my last post about Needing work and excuses, I am writing today about Companies that do not know how to post a professional classified ad when they need to hire someone. Especially on Craigslist, I did an experiment and replied to quite a few posts. My comments so far on this experiment:
1. NOBODY had the professional know-how to reply and convey a simple thank you, we received your resume, and if it is a match we will call you for an interview.
2. None of the ads I replied to had a complete company name, so a job seeker has to send his/her resume to a “masked” Craigslist return email.
3. Scammers take advantage of this, and start sending you replies, similar to: Hi I am so and so, and we thank you for your resume. Before we call you in for an interview, please visit this link and email us the receipt number. See you soon. I am sure that a lot of people fall for this scam, click on links, pay for anything these people think of, do not read the agreement and end up being charged per month and that forever. When I received not one but two of those emails, I immediately replied, thank you for your email, but please let me know which company you are emailing from, as I have submitted my resume to several companies and would like to know who I am replying to.
Needless to say that I never got a response. Craigslist people are doing a great job alerting everyone NOT to fall for scams and being very careful, but scammers still go through the cracks.
So, I implore the honest Companies and professionals who really need to hire, PLEASE learn how to convey your message in a professional manner, so that people who are looking for work, can trust the source of the classified ad. If you don’t want to put your name out there, at least make sure to reply to each candidate. Create a simple email message that you can copy and paste, which will include at least your name, and the company’s name, so that people know that you are not a scammer.
And for job seekers, create a document with the complete ad list you responded to, so that you remember when a company replies to you.
Good Luck everyone!

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