Leadership – Empowering

There are a lot of articles and discussions about Leadership and Empowering.
Most agree that Leadership isn’t about control.

Let’s see this from the employee side to clear any doubts.

  1. NO I don’t want to work in the same room with 40 other people. WHY? Because we don’t all do the same kind of work. Some of us need quiet, even privacy to protect data, or the company we work for.
  2. Providing an office to an employee, doesn’t make them a manager and isn’t a favor or perk!
  3. LISTENING to what your employees have to say shows that you are interested in your company’s success! Otherwise, why did you hire them?
  4. Every employee has a different style and speed. If someone finishes every task successfully LET THEM GO HOME! It’s not the presence or the hours. It’s the quality of work and the completion of tasks!
  5. When you talk about empowering your employees, mean it! We are tired of “leaders” who gather the entire team to talk big words!
  6. Lead by example!
  7. Never write big words on Social forums like LinkedIn, unless you are going to walk the walk and follow up on promised actions!
  8. Never be rude.
  9. Never be unprofessional, petty, and revengeful. This is the worst example for any company owner, or executive, no matter how big or small your company is.
  10. And last but not least, remember: YOU HIRE PEOPLE FOR THEIR EXPERTISE. YOU DON’T HIRE YES MEN


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