Loneliness or not…

I spend a lot of hours alone and this is because of the choices I made. I work at home and my husband is away many hours. A lot of people would see this as an excuse to feel lonely. I see it as a daily challenge to do more, learn more and share more.

Routine is a welcoming thought. Taking care of the house, then run some errands, and finally make a cup of tea and work. I make sure to leave some ME time in my calendar daily to spend some time with my friends, or read my favorite book, or even go for a simple walk with my dog.
Our lives are complicated and fast enough these days. Making it a priority to nurture our soul and mind is critical. Being by yourself is a blessing. You can achieve a lot while loving yourself. We live in competitive environments and tend to forget how to cherish every day, every hour, every moment. We like to take our lives for granted. Nothing is granted to us. We need to love ourselves, nurture our minds and bodies, respect the time we are given and make the best of it.

Humanity is changing in a very rapid fashion. Just look around the world and see what is going on. Those of us who live in free countries are truly blessed and should never forget what the past generations did to ensure our present.

We have a responsibility to leave a positive legacy and a world in order for the next generations. We are all part of a huge chain that links us all. We are not lonely if we know ourselves, if we know that we exist with purpose.
So, don’t dwell on the term of loneliness. Get out there, reconnect with friends and family, you never know what the next minute might bring. It is always sad to have regrets after something radical happens in our lives. Only then we sit back and realize that we have lost opportunities to say thank you, to say I love you, to forgive, or to make a fellow human being happy.

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