My AHA moment thanks to Matt Wolfe

Today, I got an AHA moment, reading his blog post! I share it with great respect for Matt Wolfe, who can teach a lot of us how to behave online, in life, in business ethics. THANK YOU

Can a couple simple shifts mean life or death for a blog?

My Shift In Blogging

I’ve recently had a shift in mindset about blogging. A bit of an “aha” moment, I guess you can call it…

I used to be so caught up in how often I posted. I wanted to make sure that I blogged constantly and always put something new in front of people. I was concerned with consistency and with frequency. If I didn’t post often, people would forget about me and my blog and I would become less and less relevant. It was a legitimate concern and I really believed that the most important thing in blogging was to just be consistent and post as often as possible.

My shift came recently, while reading something by Derek Halpbern. I honestly can’t remember the post or video that I saw but it was about quantity vs. quality when it comes to creating content. It seemed so obvious but it was a bit of a block that I’d had for a really long time.

I was so caught up in creating so often that many of my posts sacrificed quality. Heck, there were some nights where I’d write a post in 15 minutes, right before I was going to bed because I told myself that I’d get a post out that day. It would be slapped together, rushed, and add absolutely no value to anyone’s life.

Why was I so caught up in how frequently I posted?

I guess I was writing for the search engines and I was writing to try to prove to myself that I could stay on a consistent schedule.

Those are HORRIBLE reasons for writing frequently.

Blogging should create value. Period. End of story.

There are only two reasons that I should ever create a new blog post… First, to share something of great value to the loyal readers that I already have (and to gain new loyal readers) and second to create value for myself.

What do I mean by creating value for myself?

A blog can be one of the best accountability tools available. If I commit to do something and I put it out there for the world to see, I now have a belief that my readers want to see me achieve what I committed to and that they will hold my accountable.

A blog also creates value for one’s self as an outlet… A place to vent, rant, bitch, whatever you want to call it. Even if no one reads my blog, getting my thoughts out of my head and in to something tangible that others can potentially read is valuable to me. It gets things off my chest, it clears my head, it allows me to move past whatever is going on in my mind.

So, that being said, my commitment to this blog and to is to ONLY write something when I know it will create value. I will only write something if I have something to teach or something to vent. I will never write a blog post just for the sake of writing a blog post or to meet some posting quota that I make up for myself.

I want to share value, ideas, authenticity and vulnerability.

Authenticity and vulnerability are keys

Another “break through” I’ve had as of recently is the power of authenticity and vulnerability in relationships.

I have a relationship with you as a reader of this blog. I don’t want to hold back in that relationship. I want you to trust me, to feel like you know me and to see that I struggle often just like anyone else. I have dreams that still feel so distant and goals that I continue to fall short of.

In the name of authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability, I’m turning over a new leaf with this blog…

I will be putting things out there that scare the hell out of me to share publicly and you will learn insights about my failures, my successes, my struggles, and my competencies.

The Evergreen Wisdom podcast was a step out of hiding. It has become a new outlet to be open and share my thoughts. However, I’m going to take it even further on this blog.

For the sake of transparency, I’m going to adopt a strategy that many other bloggers have used to build trust and transparency. I am once again going to start sharing the income from my businesses. You’ll learn where my income comes from, where I struggle, and what’s working for me. I think many will be surprised at how many ups and downs I actually have.

Back when I ran Business & Blogs, I shared income reports and month after month I began seeing growth. I felt the accountability of knowing that others were watching. I stopped doing it, stopped blogging as often, and saw slumps in my income.

I’ll once again have that feeling of accountability as well as reason to never take my eyes of the numbers. As soon as I stop paying attention to what’s working and what’s not, I begin to wonder where my money goes each month. Creating income reports forces me to never take my eyes off of it.

In another attempt to be transparent, you can see my exact email list size. It’s in the top right sidebar. If you come to this page at any given time, you will see that number rise and fall. That is exactly how many subscribers I have, for better or for worse, it’s there for you to see at any time and it’s there for me to focus on making sure that number keeps going up.

So, in wrapping up this post… This blog is going to shift. This will be more of a journal to document what’s working for me and what’s not. It will document my growth or decline… And it will act as a sounding board for me to share ideas and to vent about what’s on my mind.

You can count on me to share openly and honestly. You can count on me to never hold anything back. And you can count on me to focus on value above all else.

I have no idea if this post is a rant or a value-added lesson. I just felt the need to share.

One final request that I have is that you, as a reader, be open to giving feedback to me as I grow. Leave comments and questions, share blog posts if you enjoy them, ask for support, offer support, and let’s create a community.

I want to help as many people as I can to grow and see success. It’s difficult to know how I’m doing without comments and feedback in the form of social media shares. So please, leave comments, let me know if you enjoyed a post or received no value out of it. It’s all valuable feedback to me and I welcome it all.

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