New Year, New Hopes

Another year is coming to an end, for most of us too fast! We sit back and reflect, make new promises, resolutions that we tend to forget as each new year arrives and the months push on.

The world has become a whirlwind, we work longer and harder than ever but the benefits get lesser and lesser. Is this the new status quo of our lives from now on? Maybe so. If this is our new reality, maybe we have to start thinking what is truly important in life, what we actually need rather than what we think we do. Let us not forget that we come to this world with nothing and leave the same exact way. So why all this fuss about more and more stuff? More and more money? More and more possessions?
If we work to simply make ends meet shouldn’t this make us think that maybe we need less, so that we can have more at the end of each month?
No matter where we work, in what field, there are lessons to be learned from the current situation worldwide. Homes are being lost, jobs are becoming fewer and far in between, the demand is huge and the job offers few.
The way to think ahead is to make sure we have a job. We should become less picky as to what the actual job is. Think for a moment: Which is better? No job because we don’t like what we see offered, or a job that pays the bills and gets us food on the table? Some of you will scoff at the suggestion alone, but starting to live simpler lives that have more substance is the way to go.
You will be amazed at how much we can actually cut from our monthly budget by simply throwing out the excess. One less pair of brand new shoes, one less day at the hair salon, one less massage, a few items less at the Super Market, make a huge difference.

Make it a habit to turn off lights in rooms that you are not sitting in. Make it a habit to not throw food away. We have been spoiled and think that eating left overs is something “poor” people do. NO, this is not so at all. We can all become very creative and not break the bank every time we cook and just throw away the left over portions.

This is a new reality, a new philosophy, a new way of looking at life and actually living it.
Yes we need work so that we can have money to spend. This is how the economies of all countries work. But we can become savvy, we can spend on what we really need.
So fellow bloggers and friends, let us make a new resolution for this coming year.

We shall live lives that are filled with purpose, compassion, sharing, forgiveness, honesty, integrity, we will be tolerant, work hard, and make sure that we did something good every day. Giving a helping hand, encouraging a fellow human being, give our time to some organization that helps our community, mentor someone in need, are simple acts of humanity that will return to us tenfold.

What we think about comes about. When we give we receive.
I wish you all a brand new year filled with joy, health, prosperity, love, laughs and true friends.

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