#NewEconomy – What gives?

The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship

I have a blog and a website, and my tiny amount of followers, are thankful for not receiving 60 emails per day, for receiving one Newsletter every two weeks, and for the simplicity within that letter.

I am sure you know, have seen, received and read many newsletters.
Flashy, with ads, and 10,000 pictures.
This seems to be the norm nowadays, but I am here to tell you NOT ANYMORE.
People are fed up with gargantuan email campaigns, with the audacity to be rude as a form of guerrilla marketing strategy, and for taking our readers and followers for granted.

If I receive one more “follow-up” email with the HEADLINE: Have you been abducted by Aliens? I will scream.

Things have to slow down, things have to start being calmer.
The funding Market is slowing down, there are startups left and right that are closing their doors,there are even older tech companies that have to lay people off.

If you are caught in this whirlwind of changes and find yourself without work, I have a few words for you:

1. It is not the end of the world
2. Take a couple of months and some steps back, re-evaluate your life, your goals and rest.
3. DO NOT rush into a frenetic job hunt. Think hard and clear: 40 or more hours per week, for how many years, for how much money? Does that equal a balanced life to you??
If you think you might be next to lose your job, I would still give you the very same advice.
TAKE A STEP or two back PEOPLE!
Look in the mirror and face the ugly, aggressive, pale, overworked, and underpaid ghosts we have become.

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