Overloading your calendar

Now that the glitch in my website is fixed, I want to expand a little on my last post about reminders.  Amidst career, kids, spouses, families and other obligations, we tend to say YES a lot more than we should.

We overload our schedules, and come to realize that we are in bed with a dreaded companion. STRESS! Constant climbing, fighting to be recognized on a personal and business level, and falling in the trap of better cars, clothes, homes and career, we forget to live. We need to understand that some “ME” time is much needed and deserved. If you run on EMPTY, which most of us do day in and day out, you will never peak you will never be the best that you can, simply because you run in a vicious cycle of never ending demands and stress that YOU put on your plate.

An overloaded calendar leads to mistakes, missed meetings, overlapping obligations and so on. When you are constantly running late, or even misplace a meeting in your calendar, only makes you seem unprofessional, aloof, and not taking things seriously.

Having LESS on your plate is a choice YOU and only YOU can make. Change is difficult I hear. BUT if you really cherish who you are, if you want to strive for excellence, then do yourself a favor and start planning your weeks, your calendar and your obligations. Do not take on more than you can handle. Always keep in mind traffic, another meeting running later than it should, etc.

Then, sit back and give yourself a couple of hours after work to wind down, an hour at least in the morning to  get ready for your day, and at least an hour at night before you go to bed. You need to recharge your brain, your body, and your emotions daily in order to perform better in anything it is that you do.

Striving for more and more, is not the key to happiness or a life well lived.

A few words of wisdom: YOU

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