Overqualified Candidates

By: Oleg Vishnepolsky, Global CTO at DailyMail Online and Metro.Co.Uk


There is no such thing as too much knowledge or experience. Experienced people solve problems you did not even know you had.

My mailbox on LinkedIn is full of emails from people who are told they are overqualified.
They are mostly over 40, sometimes over 50.
They do not get hired and do not even get invited to interviews.
  • because they are seen as a threat to own position by managers with less experience
  • because some hiring managers are not willing to pay more for experience
  • because of bias against older people
  • because they think older people take more sick days
  • because they think these more experienced people will get bored
According to statistics, older employees take the same or fewer sick days. Amazingly people over 50 take fewer sick days than other age groups.
Highly experienced people do not get bored because they find new ways of doing things, train the existing stuff, advise hiring managers, and solve problems nobody even knew existed.
Experienced people do not cost that much more – but they more than make up for the higher pay by higher productivity, not only their own, but of the entire team.
They advise and train younger employees, and make the whole team look like rock stars.
All age groups are important in a work-place.
Experience, talent and knowledge are terrible things to lose.



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