Risks of confusing marketing

You are working hard on launching your new product.

You are launching a new car.
You market it, but the message is confusing prospective buyers. You are using icons of a fork lift truck, or of a truck…. Yes these are vehicle types but what is your buyer expecting to purchase?

You are launching a brand new stove.
You market it by using icons of a microwave. Yes it belongs in the kitchen, but it is not what you are about to sell to the public.

You are launching a toilet cleaner.
You market it using bathtub icons. Yes a bathtub belongs in the bathroom but it is not what you are trying to launch and sell.

Ways to do it right:
* Keep blasting the internet with actual icons that pertain to what you are creating and will sell.
* Don’t jumble your message by generalizing what you are actually doing.
* If you start with one idea and evolve to something different, add it to your marketing strategy. Tell your story on every ad, every publication, every post.


Have a very clear message. Buyers are all about instant gratification and expect a simple yet very clear message that will engage them and interest them enough to give your new product a try.

Adhere to those rules, and you can only succeed and create happy loyal customers.


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