Simplicity is the word

Literally a TON of people have asked me the same question about their income: “What else can I do?”

It depends my friends. If you have read my previous posts, you will know that managing your time, budgeting your income and staying debt free, are the first steps. It doesn’t matter what you do in life, in which sector you work; what matters is that you focus your energy in just that. If you scatter your thoughts all around with new ideas that might or might not make you a billionaire, then you will lose momentum, you will be distracted from doing your best at what you do.

We live in really difficult times and we have to cherish and respect any money that comes in. Sometimes, simplicity is your answer.

YES. Live in the now, and take a step back. Look at your life and your surroundings. Most of us become lazy in our routines without even realizing it.
I will give you a few examples: You wake up in the morning and find a kitchen sink filled to the brim with unwashed dishes from the night or even day before. First obstacle of the day. You are now grumpy cause you can’t find a clean cup to make your coffee. Then you go to the bathroom to take your shower but the towels are on the floor. Get the picture? Chaos in your surroundings brings chaos to your entire day. If you manage your time properly, you can start your day with energy and this will make you want to achieve the best.

Take this as an exercise routine:
1. It’s evening and you want to go to bed. Look at your living room. Fluff your pillows, take every used dish, glass, cup to the kitchen. Take a look at the sink. WASH everything.

2. Close your windows, switch off all your lights and go to your bedroom.

3. Open your closet and take out the clothes you will wear in the morning and put them aside. Go to sleep.

4. You wake up! First thing, open your bedroom window to air out your room. Go to the kitchen and switch your coffee maker on.

5. Take your shower, get dressed, and then make your bed! What was that? A total of maybe 10 minutes?

6. Have your breakfast and go to work.

7. Come home from work and go straight to your room and change your clothes! Yes change your clothes. This puts you immediately in a more relaxed mood.

Most of you will ask what the heck I am talking about. Well, if you make yourself stick to this exercise for a week, you will find the answers by yourselves. If not, I am here to answer all your comments.

In order to enjoy your career, your work, whatever it is that you do, you must have relaxing surroundings at home. If you are flustered at work and then at home too, then you get nowhere.

So stick to the simplicity in life and enjoy every minute of it. When you get used to that, then you can start exploring a career change. We work to live better. We do not live to work.

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