Social Media Marketing

Every company, every business person today needs a “quick” and fast web presence. Most of the old type websites are beginning to struggle to keep their monthly visitors. Facebook, Twitter, Blog and YouTube integration is critical.

It is a must to be present in order for you to spread your message and find the much-needed customers.
Beware though! There are tons of new companies emerging, who promise you millions of dollars, new connections and new clients with the click of a mouse. Be careful of such scams, protect your message, your business plan, and your business integrity no matter which sector of business you’re in. There is definitely work to be done for anyone who wants to succeed. There is no such thing like one strategy fits all.

You need to know your message, know what you want from going viral. If you’re an artist for example, you need to have a concrete message, protect your image and be careful what you share and who manages all that for you.

If you’re a business that sells services, you also have to be careful, protect your brand, your services and make sure that your message is clear, honest and all your promises are ironclad.

I have helped numerous clients succeed online, and keep in mind that a blog, a Facebook page, a twitter account and a YouTube channel are all there for you for free. Don’t fall in the trap of what people tell you about thousands of dollars needed to kick-start your viral existence.

Give me a call and I will be happy to coach you and show you how it is all done.


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