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I want to share with all of you my latest thrill. I was invited by Tony Robbins to attend a webinar “Business Mastery and Social Technology“, which took place yesterday. The speaker, Scott Klososky, was so informative and I was really impressed by the plethora of information and new ideas that were shared.
First thing that caught my eye, was a quote from Sir Peter Blake: “New technology is common, new thinking is rare”.

I will share some stuff that I learned, and I am sure that you will see the “light” and understand how important it is to think outside the box and follow the mainstream.

1. A lot of huge companies get now the highest percentage of their referrals through social networks.
2. Digital Marketing and mobile technology are rally hot.
3. Create your organizational voice (your company’s id) socially.
4. Blogs tend to work better than newsletters and it is critical that you find your niche, create your voice and keep up weekly.
5. ORM (online reputation management) will be huge in the near future. Manage your online presence and reputation well.
6. Check out and learn about free software that you can use, like crowd sourcing websites.
7. Mobile apps. are really critical. You have to create a mobile version of your website, so that it is viewable from any smart or cell phone. A lot of people are now surfing the web through their cell phones. Flash sites do not work on mobile phones.
8. Improve your business processes. Become a leader with a 5 to 10 years view. Look far into the future to make sure you stay ahead of the game.

Thank you Scott Klososky and Tony Robbins.