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Boosting your Business

I have met lately a lot of people really confused by all the Social Media hype, the marketing webinars, and are at a total loss.
I am not talking about the young person who wants to start a career as a blogger and tries to monetize a blog and swims in the depths of webinars.
I am talking about Business owners that are not in the tech industry.
Chiropractors, businesses that offer services, shops that need more clients, whether they are spas, beauty salons, etc.

There is a pretty simple formula that can help your business. All you need is to learn the basic ropes, and then follow up. Don’t be afraid of the big bad web. If you learn how this all works in a few easy steps, you will see results.

Contact me and I will create a complete package for your business, show you how it all works and what it all means.

We all need our business to succeed, we all need to receive the best for what we offer.

I am waiting for your email, call, Facebook message. Whatever works for you.

I am here to help untangle the mental blocks, and take the fear away of the unknown.

Business owner or Business savvy

Those two terms have to absolutely go together if you want your business to be a success. You can’t simply get an idea, funding, open a business and believe that you are a business savvy business owner.

In order for a business to be successful, you absolutely must give all the possible tools to your employees, so that they can do their job and create success for you. If you have never been to business school, it is never too late.

Your survival depends on your education, business practices, and ethics.

There are rules to follow, there is major organizational need and the most important is that you must LISTEN. Listen to the professionals you hire, because they were hired for their expertise, their knowledge and experience.

When the foundation of your business is not strong, then you are setup for failure. This applies to every kind of business.

In today’s instant gratification world of consumers, you cannot promise one thing, then do another.
You cannot survive, unless you know exactly what it is you are doing.

From shipping departments, storage, inventory, customer service, competition, finances, timely payments and refunds, you MUST have everything into ship shape.

So, business owners out there, do yourself a huge favor and YES, go back to school, learn business 101, and let your teams guide you and LISTEN. This is the biggest gift you can give yourself, your company and your success.

How flexible are you?

Startups, Crowd funding, Tech Companies, established companies, how flexible are you?

How much do you listen to the pulse of modern day employees, colleagues and the workforce you hire?

How much do you take for granted that you will always find the perfect match to do the job?

Are you clever enough not to let a great employee go? Are you flexible enough to adapt to someone’s lifestyle and keep a happy employee instead of going to great lengths to replace a “job well done”?

The competition is fierce. The good people are out there. How much are you willing to “give” in order to run a well oiled machine? If someone quits, do you try to offer the person an alternative?

Are you so set in your own plans that you are willing to sacrifice good employees for an uncertainty? Of course you may find the perfect match. But if not? The hours of training from scratch, the frustration of finding out that a new recruit might not work?

Employers, start thinking. Times are changing, your footprint should be starting to get smaller, your policies much more flexible, and the happiness of your workforce should be your top priority. No job is small. There is an entire chain of people who strive for your success. If you lose them, you might as well close your doors for good.

Marketing Ethics

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired with the current marketing strategies of certain companies. You are invited to watch a video, or a landing page, and it literally loses me in the first 5 seconds.

You will ask why? Well, I don’t want to hear 600 times if I would love to look better, make more money, or anything, accompanied by not so official stories of success, only to end up at the end of the video or page, to see that IF you REALLY want all that you have to buy this, that or the other.

How about you start respecting your prospective clients and customers by being honest. Yes share a video or a landing page or even a webinar, and take 10 seconds to tell your audience all the great stuff your company offers, if we only pay this or that amount to learn the how to, or buy your product?

Don’t underestimate the savvy consumer or business person by claiming things that are not proven. Branding your company and gaining respect in the market is essential. Don’t use Facebook or other social media with LOUD titles such as W. White is being fired from TV O M G she is hiding a huge secret, or Helen DeGeneres, only to have people land to a page that claims to have the latest cream, or pill that will magically transform you.

Have you ever seen Dell let’s say, or Macy’s, or Microsoft drag you through the mud to convince you to buy something or subscribe to a service? Of course not! Be honest. Respect who you are and what your company stands for.

In today’s ever changing market, EVERYONE wants to become a billionaire in 5 minutes, pushing buttons, becoming an affiliate of shady companies that show you income pictures from their so called Bank Accounts or PayPal accounts.

Give me a break!

And I do not mean everyone! There are fantastic, hard working honest companies that stand behind their products or services and who respect YOU, the end buyer.

Stick with those good companies and do not fall prey for shady business practices. It is really a shame to see such ethics and conduct, especially now that we have so many wonderful tools to further our businesses and be proud of our process, our product and the people we come in contact with!

Career behaviors

OK, you just landed a great new job, a further step in your career path. What now?
There are plenty of facets and steps and moves you have to think about in order to become an integral part of an established team.

Here are the basic rules:

1. You never insist on knowing everything, just because you “did it this way” at your old job.

2. You do not piss people off because you are stubborn. This is not the way to get accepted by your colleagues.

3. You are not allowed to be rude under any circumstances. Being a “know-it-all” personality, or inflexible is never to your credit.

4. When someone offers help, you NEVER reprimand them for trying to offer help by saying “I have other things to do and cannot waste more time on this problem”. Also, you take an offer for help for what it is. A simple polite offer. You can say no thanks, or you can accept it. Simple as that. You don’t have to analyze every word. Not everybody has a hidden agenda.

5. Be flexible! This is an absolute must in today’s competitive market. You do not come to your new job trying to implement rules that you were used to. Every company has a different way of doing things, and a different vibe and culture.

6. Do not create chaos and accept others for what they offer. If someone has a different way of working on a given task, accept it and be gracious. Who knows? They might even be doing a better job than you. LEARN, and EVOLVE!

7. The moment you step in to your office, your personal life, ego, behaviors, preferences, routines, stay OUT OF THE OFFICE! See it for what it is. YOUR JOB. You are lucky to have one and you are not the company’s owner. So if the company’s policy is to sit on nail-beds, you sit on it and smile and learn and become a better professional and person.

8. Calling colleagues even if they are below you in rank “my employees”, is not the right thing to say. People have sensitivities and this is plain rude.

9. Micro-management is the absolute worst trait you can have. You show that you mistrust colleagues, you show that you are insecure, and you stall the work flow.

10. Insisting on policies which in turn create mistakes and wreak havoc is also not in your best interest. Follow what’s been enforced and remember that the company you work for existed before you were hired. You do not come in as a bull in a glass closet!

11. Last but not least, a few big No No’s
NEVER undermine others to further your position in a company!
NEVER take credit for something someone else worked their back off to accomplish.
NEVER feel threatened when someone does a great job. This only shows your own insecurity as a human being and not a professional.

This is the basics of Business ethics and behavior. If you have any of the above traits, try to better yourself, try to read and learn, evolve and become a gracious, secure, strong team player. The old bureaucratic, stubborn, cold boss type kind of employee no matter how high in rank, is dead! Move toward the new way of conducting business, conducting yourself and you will have a very successful career ahead.

The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship

Hi everyone! Have been traveling a lot this summer and have been observing a lot of stuffThe uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship.

There is a frenzy for blogging, for success, for more, more, more and more. S T O P!

Start thinking and calm down. When will OK be good enough? I do not make money from my blog on purpose. I just write my thoughts, my experiences and see it as what it really is. A hobby. Not EVERYONE has to be an entrepreneur, not everyone has to have a blog. Continue reading “The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship”

Is telecommuting dead? Don’t count on it, experts say

Another interesting article I had to share with you all: Is telecommuting dead? Don't count on it, experts say

When Yahoo relayed to its employees that they could no longer work remotely, one of the reasons given was that “speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work from home.”

It may seem logical – the internal Yahoo memo leaked to The Wall Street Journal’s AllThingsD.com said that some of the “best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions” – but workplace experts say that may not be true.

“Telecommuting is associated with significantly higher levels of job satisfaction, lower turnover intentions, reduced role stress, and higher supervisor-ratings of job performance,” said Washington State University psychology professor Tahira Probst via email.  Continue reading “Is telecommuting dead? Don’t count on it, experts say”

My AHA moment thanks to Matt Wolfe

Today, I got an AHA moment, reading his blog post! I share it with great respect for Matt Wolfe, who can teach a lot of us how to behave online, in life, in business ethics. THANK YOU

Can a couple simple shifts mean life or death for a blog?

My Shift In Blogging

I’ve recently had a shift in mindset about blogging. A bit of an “aha” moment, I guess you can call it…

I used to be so caught up in how often I posted. I wanted to make sure that I blogged constantly and always put something new in front of people. I was concerned with consistency and with frequency. If I didn’t post often, people would forget about me and my blog and I would become less and less relevant. It was a legitimate concern and I really believed that the most important thing in blogging was to just be consistent and post as often as possible.

My shift came recently, while reading something by Derek Halpbern. I honestly can’t remember the post or video that I saw but it was about quantity vs. quality when it comes to creating content. It seemed so obvious but it was a bit of a block that I’d had for a really long time.

I was so caught up in creating so often that many of my posts sacrificed quality. Heck, there were some nights where I’d write a post in 15 minutes, right before I was going to bed because I told myself that I’d get a post out that day. It would be slapped together, rushed, and add absolutely no value to anyone’s life.

Why was I so caught up in how frequently I posted?

I guess I was writing for the search engines and I was writing to try to prove to myself that I could stay on a consistent schedule.

Those are HORRIBLE reasons for writing frequently.

Blogging should create value. Period. End of story.

There are only two reasons that I should ever create a new blog post… First, to share something of great value to the loyal readers that I already have (and to gain new loyal readers) and second to create value for myself.

What do I mean by creating value for myself?

A blog can be one of the best accountability tools available. If I commit to do something and I put it out there for the world to see, I now have a belief that my readers want to see me achieve what I committed to and that they will hold my accountable.

A blog also creates value for one’s self as an outlet… A place to vent, rant, bitch, whatever you want to call it. Even if no one reads my blog, getting my thoughts out of my head and in to something tangible that others can potentially read is valuable to me. It gets things off my chest, it clears my head, it allows me to move past whatever is going on in my mind.

So, that being said, my commitment to this blog and to LearnToBlog.com is to ONLY write something when I know it will create value. I will only write something if I have something to teach or something to vent. I will never write a blog post just for the sake of writing a blog post or to meet some posting quota that I make up for myself.

I want to share value, ideas, authenticity and vulnerability.

Authenticity and vulnerability are keys

Another “break through” I’ve had as of recently is the power of authenticity and vulnerability in relationships.

I have a relationship with you as a reader of this blog. I don’t want to hold back in that relationship. I want you to trust me, to feel like you know me and to see that I struggle often just like anyone else. I have dreams that still feel so distant and goals that I continue to fall short of.

In the name of authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability, I’m turning over a new leaf with this blog…

I will be putting things out there that scare the hell out of me to share publicly and you will learn insights about my failures, my successes, my struggles, and my competencies.

The Evergreen Wisdom podcast was a step out of hiding. It has become a new outlet to be open and share my thoughts. However, I’m going to take it even further on this blog.

For the sake of transparency, I’m going to adopt a strategy that many other bloggers have used to build trust and transparency. I am once again going to start sharing the income from my businesses. You’ll learn where my income comes from, where I struggle, and what’s working for me. I think many will be surprised at how many ups and downs I actually have.

Back when I ran Business & Blogs, I shared income reports and month after month I began seeing growth. I felt the accountability of knowing that others were watching. I stopped doing it, stopped blogging as often, and saw slumps in my income.

I’ll once again have that feeling of accountability as well as reason to never take my eyes of the numbers. As soon as I stop paying attention to what’s working and what’s not, I begin to wonder where my money goes each month. Creating income reports forces me to never take my eyes off of it.

In another attempt to be transparent, you can see my exact email list size. It’s in the top right sidebar. If you come to this page at any given time, you will see that number rise and fall. That is exactly how many subscribers I have, for better or for worse, it’s there for you to see at any time and it’s there for me to focus on making sure that number keeps going up.

So, in wrapping up this post… This blog is going to shift. This will be more of a journal to document what’s working for me and what’s not. It will document my growth or decline… And it will act as a sounding board for me to share ideas and to vent about what’s on my mind.

You can count on me to share openly and honestly. You can count on me to never hold anything back. And you can count on me to focus on value above all else.

I have no idea if this post is a rant or a value-added lesson. I just felt the need to share.

One final request that I have is that you, as a reader, be open to giving feedback to me as I grow. Leave comments and questions, share blog posts if you enjoy them, ask for support, offer support, and let’s create a community.

I want to help as many people as I can to grow and see success. It’s difficult to know how I’m doing without comments and feedback in the form of social media shares. So please, leave comments, let me know if you enjoyed a post or received no value out of it. It’s all valuable feedback to me and I welcome it all.

Victims of Employment Scams Speak Out

Victims of Employment Scams Speak OutI had to share this article for all of you.

Adding insult to injury during a recession, some people are preying on the vulnerable and unemployed.

You’ve seen the titillating ads, saying things like: “Make $600 a Day Wearing Your Pajamas” or “Achieve Financial Freedom Without Ever Leaving Your Couch.” Continue reading “Victims of Employment Scams Speak Out”