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Wannabe entrepreneurs and authorities

Today, I opened Twitter to read the latest. To my dismay I find some people who found some webinar on how to make some quick money, and started tweeting 40 times a day, simply posting pictures with links to an obvious Clickbank account.

People wake up! You can’t possibly teach what you don’t know. If you want to become a true authority on a subject, do yourself a huge favor and study. Nothing in life comes easy. If this were the case, then everyone would be a billionaire and “share” their secrets.

Your posts and blogs aren’t even written properly. If you want a piece of this pie and really yearn to become an entrepreneur and authority on a subject, then do it in a respectful way, earn the trust ans respect of your peers through patience, perseverance, continuous learning and for crying out loud hire an editor. If you cant even use proper English, then do us and yourself a favor and go back to school.

How on earth do you expect to succeed when average is good enough for you?

I will give a few examples:

1. Share to spread words. WHAT?

2. I can give you many informations. IN WHICH SCHOOL did you learn this?

If you can’t even write properly to convey your message and sell your services or product, don’t you think that a prospective client will think twice before hiring you?

So wannabe entrepreneurs buckle down and educate yourselves.

Career behaviors

OK, you just landed a great new job, a further step in your career path. What now?
There are plenty of facets and steps and moves you have to think about in order to become an integral part of an established team.

Here are the basic rules:

1. You never insist on knowing everything, just because you “did it this way” at your old job.

2. You do not piss people off because you are stubborn. This is not the way to get accepted by your colleagues.

3. You are not allowed to be rude under any circumstances. Being a “know-it-all” personality, or inflexible is never to your credit.

4. When someone offers help, you NEVER reprimand them for trying to offer help by saying “I have other things to do and cannot waste more time on this problem”. Also, you take an offer for help for what it is. A simple polite offer. You can say no thanks, or you can accept it. Simple as that. You don’t have to analyze every word. Not everybody has a hidden agenda.

5. Be flexible! This is an absolute must in today’s competitive market. You do not come to your new job trying to implement rules that you were used to. Every company has a different way of doing things, and a different vibe and culture.

6. Do not create chaos and accept others for what they offer. If someone has a different way of working on a given task, accept it and be gracious. Who knows? They might even be doing a better job than you. LEARN, and EVOLVE!

7. The moment you step in to your office, your personal life, ego, behaviors, preferences, routines, stay OUT OF THE OFFICE! See it for what it is. YOUR JOB. You are lucky to have one and you are not the company’s owner. So if the company’s policy is to sit on nail-beds, you sit on it and smile and learn and become a better professional and person.

8. Calling colleagues even if they are below you in rank “my employees”, is not the right thing to say. People have sensitivities and this is plain rude.

9. Micro-management is the absolute worst trait you can have. You show that you mistrust colleagues, you show that you are insecure, and you stall the work flow.

10. Insisting on policies which in turn create mistakes and wreak havoc is also not in your best interest. Follow what’s been enforced and remember that the company you work for existed before you were hired. You do not come in as a bull in a glass closet!

11. Last but not least, a few big No No’s
NEVER undermine others to further your position in a company!
NEVER take credit for something someone else worked their back off to accomplish.
NEVER feel threatened when someone does a great job. This only shows your own insecurity as a human being and not a professional.

This is the basics of Business ethics and behavior. If you have any of the above traits, try to better yourself, try to read and learn, evolve and become a gracious, secure, strong team player. The old bureaucratic, stubborn, cold boss type kind of employee no matter how high in rank, is dead! Move toward the new way of conducting business, conducting yourself and you will have a very successful career ahead.

The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship

Hi everyone! Have been traveling a lot this summer and have been observing a lot of stuffThe uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship.

There is a frenzy for blogging, for success, for more, more, more and more. S T O P!

Start thinking and calm down. When will OK be good enough? I do not make money from my blog on purpose. I just write my thoughts, my experiences and see it as what it really is. A hobby. Not EVERYONE has to be an entrepreneur, not everyone has to have a blog. Continue reading “The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship”

When comments are welcome and when not…

when comments are welcome and when not...Don’t you feel compelled to just voice your opinion or comment on something at work or in your day-to-day life?
There is a welcome way to do this but also there is a way that will simply irk others and might put you in an awkward position.
There are people who think they are pragmatists, who think that adding a comment to any situation, “helps” the other person. This is not true at all. Let’s see some examples:

You go to a restaurant opening, you congratulate the new owners and immediately add, “I hope you know that this area has no business at all during the summer months. You must have some guts to open a business here”. Continue reading “When comments are welcome and when not…”

Computer complaints

Today I will explain some very easy steps to keep your PC in order. A lot of you have asked me about problems you are having with you PC performance and I will try to explain a few steps to keep your computer alive and working properly for as long as possible. Continue reading “Computer complaints”

Efficiency makes your clients come back!

bolder_co_hip_pain_doctor_fullDoctors, Dentists, Hair Salons, and Business owners who make appointments with their customers and patients, PLEASE stop relying on those old fashioned postcard reminders. It has proven to be SO inefficient.

Most receptionists either forget to mail them, or customers and patients don’t fill them out. It is NOT cost effective any longer.

Embrace some basic technology here. You all have email and calendars, and phones and cell phones.

When your clients come in, do them the favor and ask for their email. Then when they leave, simply add to your calendar the date that they need to be reminded for their next appointment and EMAIL them. This will cost you NOTHING, but is so efficient and people can simply add this to their calendars. Those few who do not have email or a cell phone that receives messages, can opt to receive the postcard.

I have had it with my dentist. It has been 2 years since my last visit and he popped in my mind the other day. So I called his office and the receptionists, instead of apologizing simply said: “Oh this keeps happening and I have no idea why”. Don’t you think that this lack of modern service costs your business? Don’t you think that extremely busy people need some convenience? Don’t you care that your own patients do not come back? Is that what any business wants? I sure hope not.

We live in a fast paced social media and email based communication world. Some basic organizational skills and time management make your companies more efficient, your clients happier and your business flourish.

It takes some work to get organized. I get it. But in the long run, a smooth operation makes all the difference. Customer service excellence, is the only way to run a successful business nowadays.

If you need any tips, or have questions as to how-to approach this, I am an email away.


About a new friend, Mike Omar

I rarely write about others in my blog. This one though not only caught my attention, but also made me change my simple blog to a website-blog.

Looking around to buy a new book for my Kindle, I saw a title that captured my curiosity: HOW TO START A BLOG THAT PEOPLE WILL READ, by Mike Omar. I bought it and started reading, to see what this guy had to say. BIG POSITIVE SURPRISE!!!

Needless to mention that I am sick and tired of the same marketing recipe that is floating all around us. And I mean: “this book will show you how to this and that and the other… Have you ever……???? Well I am here to……” 30 some pages go by and you still haven’t even started reading what you bought the book for!

Not Mike Omar though. He captured my attention from the first paragraph and literally reignited my passion, my fire and my inspiration. I have been writing my blog since July 2010 and with a lot of patience and persistence I gathered 700 followers and subscribers. Not a small feat for a novice like me.

He took me from blah… to WOW in a minute! So my friends, I followed step-by-step his easy to understand, straight forward advice and here I am today with a brand new website-blog of my own, that supports WordPress and I have a wonderful blog with new features, more interactive and without space limits.

I am still learning by Mike, and I will make this a lucrative blog that can eventually bring me some income.

I totally urge you to go see what Mike Omar is all about, at http://makemoneyfromhomelionsclub.com/

Even if you are not interested in blogging, you will learn some valuable stuff.


Music Education and Lessons

I wanted to share an article I wrote for our local newspaper in Santa Barbara, California.

We see budget cuts all around us and schools are hit the most. Music and arts are cut left and right. But there are places in every community that strive to make a difference and still keep the music education going, which is so important for our children.
This is the article:

By Mariella Stockmal for Studio Music Group | Published on 03.14.2011

Instructor Steve Stockmal Opens Studio Music Group in Goleta

The facility offers private lessons and other services, including rock star birthday parties

After many years of teaching private music lessons, veteran music teacher Steve Stockmal has upgraded to a music school facility and chose Goleta as his base of operations.

“Most parents still drive from Santa Barbara and Montecito to bring their children to our music school, and now Goleta parents can get to us quickly and easily,” he said. “Knowing how important music education is for all ages, we opened the doors to our new music school in May 2010 and have a great team of music teachers.”

Studio Music Group, at 152 Aero Camino, Suite D in Goleta, provides private music lessons for piano, drums, bass, guitar, voice and trombone.

Group rock band classes are offered each Saturday, and there’s also a summer music program. Studio Music Group’s newest service is rock star birthday parties. It’s an innovative idea that gives parents something new to look forward to.

Rock star parties include two hours of private studio time with an engineer; a two-hour recording session; CDs for everyone; jam time on drums, guitars and keyboards; lyric sheets; and a dance party.

For more information: www.StudioMusicGroup.com

Loneliness or not…

I spend a lot of hours alone and this is because of the choices I made. I work at home and my husband is away many hours. A lot of people would see this as an excuse to feel lonely. I see it as a daily challenge to do more, learn more and share more.

Routine is a welcoming thought. Taking care of the house, then run some errands, and finally make a cup of tea and work. I make sure to leave some ME time in my calendar daily to spend some time with my friends, or read my favorite book, or even go for a simple walk with my dog.
Our lives are complicated and fast enough these days. Making it a priority to nurture our soul and mind is critical. Being by yourself is a blessing. You can achieve a lot while loving yourself. We live in competitive environments and tend to forget how to cherish every day, every hour, every moment. We like to take our lives for granted. Nothing is granted to us. We need to love ourselves, nurture our minds and bodies, respect the time we are given and make the best of it.

Humanity is changing in a very rapid fashion. Just look around the world and see what is going on. Those of us who live in free countries are truly blessed and should never forget what the past generations did to ensure our present.

We have a responsibility to leave a positive legacy and a world in order for the next generations. We are all part of a huge chain that links us all. We are not lonely if we know ourselves, if we know that we exist with purpose.
So, don’t dwell on the term of loneliness. Get out there, reconnect with friends and family, you never know what the next minute might bring. It is always sad to have regrets after something radical happens in our lives. Only then we sit back and realize that we have lost opportunities to say thank you, to say I love you, to forgive, or to make a fellow human being happy.