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What Can I Do For YOU?

There are GREAT leaders out there, and I am lucky and blessed to know one of them.

Have worked with him for 3 plus years. Recently we went for coffee. Hadn’t seen each other in some time.
The gracefulness, the kindness and the genuine interest in how I was doing, made me feel really thankful.

As the conversation carried on, he asked me very simply: You have helped me in the past. How can I help YOU?

I wanted to share this experience, because great leaders DO exist.
They show you how to be, they are not afraid to offer help, they respect themselves and their team members.

If you are a team member and lucky enough to have such a leader, be thankful.

If you are a leader, make sure to make your team feel appreciated, lead with grace and always by example.

If you are like my leader, you will only succeed.


Overqualified Candidates

By: Oleg Vishnepolsky, Global CTO at DailyMail Online and Metro.Co.Uk


There is no such thing as too much knowledge or experience. Experienced people solve problems you did not even know you had.

My mailbox on LinkedIn is full of emails from people who are told they are overqualified.
They are mostly over 40, sometimes over 50.
They do not get hired and do not even get invited to interviews.
  • because they are seen as a threat to own position by managers with less experience
  • because some hiring managers are not willing to pay more for experience
  • because of bias against older people
  • because they think older people take more sick days
  • because they think these more experienced people will get bored
According to statistics, older employees take the same or fewer sick days. Amazingly people over 50 take fewer sick days than other age groups.
Highly experienced people do not get bored because they find new ways of doing things, train the existing stuff, advise hiring managers, and solve problems nobody even knew existed.
Experienced people do not cost that much more – but they more than make up for the higher pay by higher productivity, not only their own, but of the entire team.
They advise and train younger employees, and make the whole team look like rock stars.
All age groups are important in a work-place.
Experience, talent and knowledge are terrible things to lose.



When you are hiring

There is a lot of talk, articles, and discussion about the hiring process.
As a business owner, you have to know by now that you are not only vetting a prospective employee or team member. You are vetted by the prospective hire as well.
If you want to find the best talent out there, you absolutely MUST have a professional presence out there.
If I go to your LinkedIn profile as an example and see no picture, I am much less inclined to learn more about you and your company.
If your Social Media pages are not updated and your last posts or articles are dated let’s say 2016, again, I will stop being interested.
How much YOU care about your business and company, says a lot to the outside world.
IF you want to be taken seriously, be serious about your presence out there.
IF you want success, be serious, be professional, exactly as you demand from your prospective employees.

WP Job Manager

Leadership – Empowering

There are a lot of articles and discussions about Leadership and Empowering.
Most agree that Leadership isn’t about control.

Let’s see this from the employee side to clear any doubts.

  1. NO I don’t want to work in the same room with 40 other people. WHY? Because we don’t all do the same kind of work. Some of us need quiet, even privacy to protect data, or the company we work for.
  2. Providing an office to an employee, doesn’t make them a manager and isn’t a favor or perk!
  3. LISTENING to what your employees have to say shows that you are interested in your company’s success! Otherwise, why did you hire them?
  4. Every employee has a different style and speed. If someone finishes every task successfully LET THEM GO HOME! It’s not the presence or the hours. It’s the quality of work and the completion of tasks!
  5. When you talk about empowering your employees, mean it! We are tired of “leaders” who gather the entire team to talk big words!
  6. Lead by example!
  7. Never write big words on Social forums like LinkedIn, unless you are going to walk the walk and follow up on promised actions!
  8. Never be rude.
  9. Never be unprofessional, petty, and revengeful. This is the worst example for any company owner, or executive, no matter how big or small your company is.
  10. And last but not least, remember: YOU HIRE PEOPLE FOR THEIR EXPERTISE. YOU DON’T HIRE YES MEN


Hiring/Recruiting Behavior

Your company is looking to hire new talent. Good for you!

You are starting to receive resumes. Now what?
Here are the basic rules that you have to understand:

Know that you are being vetted as well by any prospective employee.

  1. You have to show how professional you are, by replying to each and every resume you receive. Example: Thank you for taking the time to apply to the …… position we are offering. We will reply with next steps.
  2. If you fail to reply, you simply tell prospective employees that you don’t have a system in place and that you are not behaving professionally.
  3. Know that qualified candidates who do not hear back from your company within 2 days, are simply deleting you from their search. You ignored them, so they will ignore you.

Being graceful and respecting every human being taking the time to provide your company with all the information you require, deserves a polite and professional reply immediately, whether you choose to invite this person for an interview, or if you decide to go with someone else.

And a note to the Hiring Companies out there:
Teach your bots to actually offer jobs according to uploaded resumes.
It is really frustrating for a job seeker to receive daily emails with “great matching jobs” that are 600 miles away from the job seeker’s home base, or are completely irrelevant.
I have received emails for a “great match” as a janitor and my resume is full of financial background information.

So Companies and Recruiters get your act together, NEVER snub anyone applying for a job, and learn to respect every job seeker. You never know who you are turning away, and this might hurt the success of your company.






How To Succeed With Your Service Providing Company

You are a Business Owner! Congratulations!

I know it can feel intimidating, difficult and sometimes even confusing. I am here to help you navigate through this maze.

You provide services. Gardening, Landscaping, Cleaning, Business Consulting and so on.
Don’t let the technology of it all scare you. Here are a few golden rules that will help you succeed, retain and gain new customers and keep your staff happy:

  1.  Keep a calendar. This is a must. Let’s say you offer your services Monday through Friday and you have 30 clients. It will be very hard for your staff and your customers to be happy with your results, if let’s say you interact with 15 of your customers in one day. Spread the days out so your calendar has 6 customers per day. Better servicing, your staff will have ample time to complete tasks, and most importantly, your customers will be happy.
  2. NEVER promise any customer that you will complete a job unless you are going to do it. It will hurt your business and show that you are unreliable.
  3. NEVER find excuses for not completing a task.
  4. Keep a notepad for every customer. In other words, one file per customer. You will say that this is too much. I will beg to differ. Reading through each customer’s notepad and reminding yourself and staff about tasks, you will always have a complete to-do-list per customer and can always mark completed. A lot of companies like yours have one notepad and keep writing notes on different pages. How productive is that? You will never remember where you wrote what and for which customer.
  5. NEVER settle for a job half done. You are the Business Owner. Be the mentor, the teacher and train your staff to be professional, finish every task for the specific day and customer.
  6. Show up at random times on random jobs, so that your staff will never slack. They will never know when and where you will be. Be the boss. Lead by example!
  7. NEVER tell a customer that you forgot to bring a necessary tool for the day’s work. Not your customer’s problem! Such mistakes will cost you assignments in the future.

So here you have it! GET ORGANIZED! It might be difficult in the beginning, but once you set your system up, it will be a breeze.

GOOD LUCK with your Business!


Gratitude and Ego

Personal growth goes a very long way.
A lot of people get stuck behind their ego, never move on in life, “hate” situations and never forgive and forget. They keep carrying grudges, filter the world around them through a warped lens, and live in a very definite space that makes them unhappy whether they realize it or not.
In the business and career world, personal has absolutely nothing to do with professional. Good manners, positive attitude, leaving ego aside, does not even come to the picture for those people.

Imagine landing the job of your dreams, and still feeling miserable because the whole world is against you, or so you think. This affects your performance, your communication with colleagues, bosses, team members and believe it or not your own family.
It is really so simple to live and let live, to let go. The past can only serve as lessons learned. If we use the past to dictate our attitude toward life and people around us, all we can do eventually is lose everything.

Our journey on this planet is minuscule. Before we know it, life passes and we are stuck in our 60’s, 70’s and live in regret.

I will ask one question that I kept asking in the seminars I used to teach: Someone calls you stupid. You hear the sound that these words make. Do you let it get in? Does this define who you know you are?

Your “person” your “ego” do not belong in any equation. Neither in your professional, nor in your private life.

Every human being is different, makes mistakes, learns, and moves on. By getting glued on what ifs, on past situations that can no longer be changed, on grudges, you only hurt yourself and take others down with you.

Conclusion: Live every moment in harmony, see others for who they are, never judge, never assume and never be passive aggressive. Neither your career nor your life can become better.

Last question: Which is better? Living a miserable lonely life, or being part of this huge community that is called life, enjoy all the curves and ups and downs, and keep going. Fall in bed every night knowing that you have given the world and those around you the very darn best that you can EVERY SINGLE DAY!

This will only give you back loyal friends, colleagues, a happy family and great success at everything that you do.


Wannabe entrepreneurs and authorities

Today, I opened Twitter to read the latest. To my dismay I find some people who found some webinar on how to make some quick money, and started tweeting 40 times a day, simply posting pictures with links to an obvious Clickbank account.

People wake up! You can’t possibly teach what you don’t know. If you want to become a true authority on a subject, do yourself a huge favor and study. Nothing in life comes easy. If this were the case, then everyone would be a billionaire and “share” their secrets.

Your posts and blogs aren’t even written properly. If you want a piece of this pie and really yearn to become an entrepreneur and authority on a subject, then do it in a respectful way, earn the trust ans respect of your peers through patience, perseverance, continuous learning and for crying out loud hire an editor. If you cant even use proper English, then do us and yourself a favor and go back to school.

How on earth do you expect to succeed when average is good enough for you?

I will give a few examples:

1. Share to spread words. WHAT?

2. I can give you many informations. IN WHICH SCHOOL did you learn this?

If you can’t even write properly to convey your message and sell your services or product, don’t you think that a prospective client will think twice before hiring you?

So wannabe entrepreneurs buckle down and educate yourselves.

Career behaviors

OK, you just landed a great new job, a further step in your career path. What now?
There are plenty of facets and steps and moves you have to think about in order to become an integral part of an established team.

Here are the basic rules:

1. You never insist on knowing everything, just because you “did it this way” at your old job.

2. You do not piss people off because you are stubborn. This is not the way to get accepted by your colleagues.

3. You are not allowed to be rude under any circumstances. Being a “know-it-all” personality, or inflexible is never to your credit.

4. When someone offers help, you NEVER reprimand them for trying to offer help by saying “I have other things to do and cannot waste more time on this problem”. Also, you take an offer for help for what it is. A simple polite offer. You can say no thanks, or you can accept it. Simple as that. You don’t have to analyze every word. Not everybody has a hidden agenda.

5. Be flexible! This is an absolute must in today’s competitive market. You do not come to your new job trying to implement rules that you were used to. Every company has a different way of doing things, and a different vibe and culture.

6. Do not create chaos and accept others for what they offer. If someone has a different way of working on a given task, accept it and be gracious. Who knows? They might even be doing a better job than you. LEARN, and EVOLVE!

7. The moment you step in to your office, your personal life, ego, behaviors, preferences, routines, stay OUT OF THE OFFICE! See it for what it is. YOUR JOB. You are lucky to have one and you are not the company’s owner. So if the company’s policy is to sit on nail-beds, you sit on it and smile and learn and become a better professional and person.

8. Calling colleagues even if they are below you in rank “my employees”, is not the right thing to say. People have sensitivities and this is plain rude.

9. Micro-management is the absolute worst trait you can have. You show that you mistrust colleagues, you show that you are insecure, and you stall the work flow.

10. Insisting on policies which in turn create mistakes and wreak havoc is also not in your best interest. Follow what’s been enforced and remember that the company you work for existed before you were hired. You do not come in as a bull in a glass closet!

11. Last but not least, a few big No No’s
NEVER undermine others to further your position in a company!
NEVER take credit for something someone else worked their back off to accomplish.
NEVER feel threatened when someone does a great job. This only shows your own insecurity as a human being and not a professional.

This is the basics of Business ethics and behavior. If you have any of the above traits, try to better yourself, try to read and learn, evolve and become a gracious, secure, strong team player. The old bureaucratic, stubborn, cold boss type kind of employee no matter how high in rank, is dead! Move toward the new way of conducting business, conducting yourself and you will have a very successful career ahead.

The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship

Hi everyone! Have been traveling a lot this summer and have been observing a lot of stuffThe uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship.

There is a frenzy for blogging, for success, for more, more, more and more. S T O P!

Start thinking and calm down. When will OK be good enough? I do not make money from my blog on purpose. I just write my thoughts, my experiences and see it as what it really is. A hobby. Not EVERYONE has to be an entrepreneur, not everyone has to have a blog. Continue reading “The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship”