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We can be very thankful

We are lucky to be living in a country that offers us all every opportunity to succeed, to be happy and to prosper.

Despite the weak economy, we are blessed. Yes people, we are indeed blessed.
Take a good look around. Earthquakes, fights, uprising, famine, unstable nations, people without homes or even a simple plate of food on their tables.

We should all pray and count our blessings every single day! We live in heaven compared to other nations.
This is to all who fight for a better tomorrow, to those who are losing hope, to those who think that everything sucks.

It doesn’t! We can live simpler lives, we can be happy with what we have when so many around us have absolutely nothing!

About confusion…

Everyone nowadays posts either on Twitter or Facebook that they like positive vibes, how leading a great life filled with positive energy will bring success and happiness. I encounter people daily who say that they are all about this new era of what “The Secret” and other inspiring book have taught us.

 But when it comes to walking the walk, they come back astonished that things do not go their way that they are tired of the negative, they don’t want failure, they don’t want more of the same.
It took me 6 whole months to re-train my brain and my thoughts. It is very easy to say these things, to quote books and to like the whole idea, but it is not the same to actually focus and make things happen to you. This is what I call confusion. There is no magic potion that will solve anyone’s problems or make anyone’s dreams reality. You have to work for it.
Train your thoughts to “speak a new language”. Forget words like “I don’t want”, “I don’t like”, “I hate this”, in other words, forget any sentence that starts with a negative.
Instead try re-learning a brain grammar that always starts with: “I want”, “I like”, “I love”.
This is the first step. In the beginning it will seem like an enormous task, but as time goes on, it will come automatic. Remember that “What you think about, you bring about” and that the universe does not speak in human grammar terms. If you keep saying “I don’t want to be broke”, guess what? You’ll be broke because you focus on that sentiment.

I speak from my own experience.  As soon as I truthfully let everything go, as soon as I completely relaxed my thoughts, things started happening so fast that at first I thought that it was a fluke. No, it was no fluke. It was actually happening. Thoughts like “struggle”, “can barely make it”, “I am tired”, “I don’t know what I want”, “I don’t know how to solve this or the other problem” were left behind and now, I cringe simply writing them.
I started thinking: “easy”, “have plenty of what I want”, “I have abundance all around me”.
I wake up every day thanking the universe for everything that I have, and everything that I am.  I walk smiling, I say hello to people that cross my path and I see their reactions. They pause for a second and then they actually smile and return the greeting.

My business is flourishing, I feel healthy, happy and fulfilled.
A trick I personally used was a mental list of wants and needs.  You will be amazed at how small the list of needs is when you are honest and truthful.  Another thing is giving back to your community, to your friends, to your significant other. This thought frightens a lot of people when they come from a needy point of view. You don’t have to give money; you can simply help a friend, make a meal for someone you care about, call friends and family, and send a nice thank you note. Little things go a long way.

If it is your business that you are struggling with, sit back, relax and see yourself as successful. Don’t laugh! It really works. See obstacles like life’s traffic lights. The universe always guides us if we are willing to give it an honest try and listen.

So, open your hearts and minds, do not criticize others, absorb what is going on around you and be thankful. Be really thankful every single day. Live in the moment and make it count!

Need work? Don’t make excuses!

When money is tight, I hear from people all the time: “I need to find a job”
Then I ask them what it is they are looking for. Most of my clients say that they really don’t care as long as they can bring some much needed cash in.
In reality, most of the people I know find excuses as to why an offered position is not for them. I call them the dreamers. Prayers, dreams, The Secret, and other very useful books, when read by people who do not know their true meaning and message, are not helping. The reason is that a lot of people believe in instant miracles.  Hopes, dreams, aspirations and prayers are a great and positive way to look at life, but do not pay your immediate bills and responsibilities.

This is the trap that some people fall for. They sit back and wait for things to happen to them. In order to succeed in life, of course you have to be positive, be in tune with your environment, visualize a great outcome, but also be realistic and WORK to achieve your goals.
If you want to become the next famous Rock Star for example, you can easily pack grocery bags while you work on your dream. A daily dose of reality keeps you grounded and makes you stronger. Until you stand on your own two feet and take responsibly for your own life, you will never truly know how strong you are.

So take charge of your life, work hard to achieve your goals and let nothing get in your way. Be respectful, determined and positive. Always give back to those who are willing to help you, always ask to help your fellow human beings and never hold back.

Times are hard, strange, and finances are tough. Credit card debt, Banks that don’t give you the loan or break you need, bills, mortgages, rents, car payments. Everyone would be thrilled to have their problems sovled by the push of a button.

Hang in there, look in the mirror, make a daily reality check and ALWAYS be thankful for what you do have today.

Time Management

The days go by like a whirlwind. Evening comes and your head is spinning.
A simple way to manage your time efficiently is to create an action calendar.

Simply create an excel sheet with the 7 days of the week, then add all the hours of the day from the moment you wake up.
For starters, give yourself 20 minutes to shower and get dressed.
30 minutes to eat breakfast (NEVER SKIP THIS MEAL), it will give you energy for the entire day.
10 to 15 minutes to make your bed.
Here starts your actual day. Switch your phone on after you’re done.
Look at your meetings or chores and errands for the day. This is very doable if you stick to it. While meeting with a customer for instance, forget that you even own a phone. It can wait. Distractions like that only frazzle you and create unnecessary stress. There is nothing that cannot be handled 15 minutes or half an hour later.
Pick a specific time of day to listen to your messages and answer your emails.
Pick a specific day of each week to do grocery shopping, drive by your dry cleaners and clean your house.
Don’t arrange to do everything at once. Each day can handle one domestic errand, plus your work, or routine.

It took me years to realize that one can’t do everything in one day. We have made ourselves work so hard that we lose control of time. If we lose our drive and energy due to stress and disorganization, then we don’t live life. We simply go through the motions like a robot and we don’t succeed, simply because we try to tackle every possible task and fir it in 24 hours.
Make sure that you sleep 7-8 hours every night. Try to switch off phones, televisions and computers before you go to bed. Give yourself some time to wind down, relax and take any electronic device away from your bedroom. Such frequences only overload your already tired brain and this is the time that all the thoughts come rushing in, when you should dedicate the time to re-energize your body, spirit and brain to be able to do it all again the next day.
Put this strategy to the test for at least a month and finally it will come natural to you, you will begin each day energized, organized and at the end of each day you will feel that you have actually accomplished what you needed to.

Rethinking Success

It has been quite some time now that a lot of people keep asking me what success is and how I define it. I believe that success is very personal and each of us should measure it according to our specific goals. We have learned that we have to strive for success and that doing otherwise makes us failures in life. How wrong is that! We need to love ourselves, respect ourselves and live life to its fullest.

We are brought up feeling that we always need more in order to be fulfilled and happy.

So, I put a question out there and I would love to see what you all have to say:

Do we work to live a better life, or do we live to work?

Let me know. I will write more on this

Have a great day!