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Marketing Ethics

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired with the current marketing strategies of certain companies. You are invited to watch a video, or a landing page, and it literally loses me in the first 5 seconds.

You will ask why? Well, I don’t want to hear 600 times if I would love to look better, make more money, or anything, accompanied by not so official stories of success, only to end up at the end of the video or page, to see that IF you REALLY want all that you have to buy this, that or the other.

How about you start respecting your prospective clients and customers by being honest. Yes share a video or a landing page or even a webinar, and take 10 seconds to tell your audience all the great stuff your company offers, if we only pay this or that amount to learn the how to, or buy your product?

Don’t underestimate the savvy consumer or business person by claiming things that are not proven. Branding your company and gaining respect in the market is essential. Don’t use Facebook or other social media with LOUD titles such as W. White is being fired from TV O M G she is hiding a huge secret, or Helen DeGeneres, only to have people land to a page that claims to have the latest cream, or pill that will magically transform you.

Have you ever seen Dell let’s say, or Macy’s, or Microsoft drag you through the mud to convince you to buy something or subscribe to a service? Of course not! Be honest. Respect who you are and what your company stands for.

In today’s ever changing market, EVERYONE wants to become a billionaire in 5 minutes, pushing buttons, becoming an affiliate of shady companies that show you income pictures from their so called Bank Accounts or PayPal accounts.

Give me a break!

And I do not mean everyone! There are fantastic, hard working honest companies that stand behind their products or services and who respect YOU, the end buyer.

Stick with those good companies and do not fall prey for shady business practices. It is really a shame to see such ethics and conduct, especially now that we have so many wonderful tools to further our businesses and be proud of our process, our product and the people we come in contact with!

The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship

Hi everyone! Have been traveling a lot this summer and have been observing a lot of stuffThe uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship.

There is a frenzy for blogging, for success, for more, more, more and more. S T O P!

Start thinking and calm down. When will OK be good enough? I do not make money from my blog on purpose. I just write my thoughts, my experiences and see it as what it really is. A hobby. Not EVERYONE has to be an entrepreneur, not everyone has to have a blog. Continue reading “The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship”

Computer complaints

Today I will explain some very easy steps to keep your PC in order. A lot of you have asked me about problems you are having with you PC performance and I will try to explain a few steps to keep your computer alive and working properly for as long as possible. Continue reading “Computer complaints”

Is your desk clean and organized?

2009-12-01-tocomic-126Which picture depicts you at work?

Some people think that having a messy desk and piles of paper all over the place, makes them seem like they have work to do and that managers and bosses will see that they have a lot to do. So wrong!
If your desk looks like that, messy-deskthen you are definitely disorganized and you are having a priority problem.



I am giving you some food for thought here today and will write extensively about energies, good work patterns, organization and time management.



Your desk should be looking something like that: clean-deskCalmness, serenity,and excellent for concentration.


Wait for all the rules this weekend.

I’ll be back


Holidays are around the corner

November is already here and with it starts a frenzy of spending.

This is a very good time to budget your expenses, because most of my clients come to me wide eyed after the Holidays asking themselves where all the money went. We tend to forget that the year comes to an end and we need to prepare for taxes. Do you have all your ducks in a row?

I have talked about creating a budget in the past. If you haven’t done so, PLEASE start now. Make sure that you are out of debt! If you have consumer debt (credit cards, store cards, etc.) get creative about the upcoming Holidays. Expensive gifts are not going to help you with your debt, and don’t show how much you love your friends and family.
Start simply with an excel sheet, write down ALL your monthly expenses and include your credit card debt payments.
On the next column write down what you bring in every month. Subtract expenses from income and see what you have left.

If there is nothing left, then you have to set some goals and get rid of your debt as fast as possible. Wait to do some basic shopping after Thanksgiving, when prices are at their best.
Make a very conservative list of people you NEED to buy presents for. If you have kids, they don’t need 20 presents each. They can do with 2. Don’t fall for the social pressure trap, and never compare your situation with others. Everyone has their own financial situation and never forget that we create our situation.

Make these Holidays simple, happy and surrounded only by people that truly matter. You can absolutely decline invitations that do not mean anything more than more expenses, and that are not surrounded by friends.

I have cut my list down to 8 people. Everyone else, like colleagues, social acquaintances, my hair and nail salon people etc., will be very happy to receive a small package of cookies or a cake that you baked. You can easily find cheap festive baking pans in your local super market, and simply bake something. The cost of this will only thank your wallet.

I will be posting more ideas as the days go by. Have a great November, and remember! Good finances give you absolute freedom from stress and anxiety.




Business Relationships

Business Relationships

So many people are telling me that they are having complaints, problems, and are unsure as how to smooth out their professional relationships.

The rule is: NEVER mix personal and professional. If you do business with a friend and have any issue at all, keep it on a professional level. DO NOT share with your friends and family. This is totally unprofessional and the start of your problems.

ALWAYS be open, talk it out, and respect what the other person has to offer. Business relationships of any kind have a start point and a finish point. When you close such a relationship, be very clear as to why you chose to do so, and part amicably. Some of my clients have followed my advice and are very thankful for it, because they have saved personal relationships and their professional integrity this way.
It is a disaster when your friends draw their own conclusions, when in fact they are clueless about business or the specific relationship/contract that has ended.

One of the facts of small business owners is that they find someone they like on a personal level, and try to do business with them. They are so eager to solve all their problems at once that they usually don’t “hear” what the other party is offering. They just follow their wishful thinking, even though they are not clear about what they expect from a deal. The deal goes on and they discover midflight that the services offered are different than their expectations.

There are different approaches to solving that, and you be the judge of which is the correct way:

  1. You sit down and talk, explain in detail your expectations as a client, and if both parties find out that this relationship does not benefit either party, you simply and professionally say goodbye. Chapter closed.
  2. You are unsure of what your exact needs are, you are not satisfied with the services you receive, and you do not share your thoughts exactly, but decide to end this business relationship. You then proceed to talking to others, who in return have their own opinions and the professional who offers his/her services, starts being criticized to no fault of their own. Be very careful about toying with someone’s reputation and integrity.
  3. You sever both personal and professional relationship because you mix personal and professional issues.

In a few words, business is business, and friendship is friendship. Do not make it personal. Do not treat other professionals in a way that you would hate to be treated. These are shark infested waters and guess what? Someone might actually seek legal action against you for slandering, especially if you are dealing with a bigger company.

Being on time…

financial-success2is very important. You show respect to yourself, to the person you are meeting with. Nowadays it is very common to call people and tell them this ugly “I’m running late”. If you are among those who tend to always run late, I’m here to tell you that this shows total disrespect to the person you are supposed to be meeting with, whether it is your friend, your colleague, a business meeting, your hairdresser, your boss or your assistant. 
When you book any meeting, make sure that you can actually be there on time. An easy trick, is to block your calendar an hour ahead. This way if someone else needs to see you that specific day, you can say that you are available until an hour before your next meeting.

I’ll give you an example:

11:00 am Business Meeting
12:00 pm actual meeting
2:00 pm doctor’s appointment
2:45 pm actual appointment
5:00 pm hairdresser
5:45 actual appointment

This way you will never overbook yourself, you will never schedule meetings on a day that you have too much to do and you will never run late.

Make it a habit to be 5 minutes early. This shows total respect, and organizational skills on your part. Sure we would like to schedule 24 meetings in 24 hours, but it simply can’t happen.

If you run your own business and expect people to come to you at a specific time, NEVER make any other appointments. It shows lack of interest, lack of respect and bad business ethics. If you do that, do not expect other people to respect your time, or to work hard for or with you.

Make the effort. You will only win respect and loyalty!

Email, Email, Email….. Clutter

Hi everyone!

I couldn’t resist this topic; It comes up daily; actually quite a few times a day.

How many times have you heard: “Aw I am sorry but I never got your email”, or “Can you please send me that email again? I can’t find it”… and the list goes on and on and on.
I don’t have to tell you how frustrating this all is, and especially when it keeps happening.

Email has lost its charm. People get so many emails per day that they lose count, they don’t want to spend a little time to clean the clutter, yes the clutter from their in-boxes, and voila! All the hard work you do to email a file to a client, a boss, a colleague goes to waste. 
Inbox clutter is the mirror image of our own environment’s clutter. I’ve seen it again and again. When you deal with people who misplace emails, can’t find them, lose them, don’t read them, you are actually dealing with unorganized people. Check out their desk, their office, their home.
There is a solution to this. If you dedicate 15 minutes per day to really check your inbox, and spend the time to unsubscribe from unwated emails, you will be able to actually use your email properly.
1. You can politely ask any company you subscribe to, to not sell or distribute your email.
2. You can call the customer service of these companies and ask them to remove your email from their list.
3. You can enter your personal email address to the Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service. You can do this online, or by sending them a letter and your email will be off spam lists for 5 years!
4. When you are expecting someone’s email, make sure to add their email address to you preferred senders list, make sure to reply immediately that you received their email.
5. If you receive an important email, read it, reply to the sender and once you are done, either delete it or save it as unread to get back to it later.
6. Once a week, take a look and delete EVERYTHING that you do not need. Keeping emails forever will confuse you.

A lot of my clients have no idea if they have replied to messages, if they have sent an order they received via email. It is imperative to be on top of that. Get organized. It is the polite and professional way to present yourself online, to respect colleagues, clients and above all yourself.

And last but not least, a few tips to write proper emails:

* Do not use ALL CAPS. You don’t have to yell at other people. This is unapropriate
* Do not forward chain emails and hoax or virus alerts, unless you are absolutely sure that the recipient is interested in what you have to say>
* Do not forward jokes to your entire email list.
* Try to answer all the questions, be precise and keep it short
* Avoid using URGENT all the time. It frustrates the recipient.
* Avoid using the “REPLY TO ALL” button. Respect other people’s privacy. Not everyone wants to see their email address out there. Use the Bcc option (blind carbon copy)

Will be back next week with more!

Finding the much needed extra income

I receive a ton of business opportunities daily asking me to add a link on my website. There are so many “home based business” opportunities out there, and I never want to post anything that will either mislead my readers and clients, or be a scam.
Most of us need extra income these days to add to our incomes, in order to cover expenses, mortgages, tuition and so much more.

I found one company that is solid, real and if you want to make a good income, you can do so.
Here’s what they are saying:

You can read more on my website: www.mariellastockmal.com/CAREERS.htm

It isn’t always easy to find exactly what one is looking for, but this company is worth the try. If you decide to make the call, mention me, so they will give you extra care.
I will try to post more legitimate and solid opportunities like these, as they come to me. I scrutinize everything before I post here or on my site.

Keep coming back for more!