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How Companies choose a candidate, how a professional can “read” a resume and make conclusions.

I have been asked a lot lately about jobs. It is unfathomable that nearly 10% of Americans have either recently lost their job, or are looking for one.
There is a lot to be said about Staffing Companies and executives within a hiring company.
As it is a skill to know how to write a resume that makes sense, is to the point and pretty much states all the positions and jobs one has had throughout his/her professional life, it is also a skill to know how to actually truly read a resume or an application that lands on your desk.

“Professionals” whose job it is to hire, must absolutely be: Unbiased, un-threatened, 100% honest, understand a resume for what it is trying to tell you, and give a person a chance at least by granting them an interview.

I speak and teach a lot, but I also see a lot.

Some companies that try to fill a position, then have someone call them and actually recommend someone who most probably does not communicate to the person who reads through the applications, then the HR person sifts through, sends an email that this person’s resume doesn’t match so the interview never even happens. The result?? The very same Company is still looking to fill the same position.

This happens all the time because the people responsible to hire are not savvy enough, do not have the capacity to read between the lines, do not have the honesty to hire someone who might even be stronger and better out of fear to lose their own work. So where have we come?? Why are we even here with a struggling economy, and really strong and skilled people out of work?

I don’t blame the economy, because I read the paper, as well as the classifieds online every day to help my clients. Jobs are out there. The hiring person is not doing a good job. In fact these people are doing a disservice to their own companies by making good resumes disappear. If someone is “over qualified” why don’t you have them come in and talk to them. An over qualified person is not always a bad addition to a company.

Be honest, be open, be giving, be a true team and community player.
Don’t be presumptuous, Don’t be dishonest, Don’t act out of personal feelings of threat or fear.

If we were all really good to our core, the economy wouldn’t be in shambles, companies would still be thriving, and HR people would not be sitting on ill deserved thrones surrounded by fake poise, knowledge of every aspect of every department of the company they work for and also pretend to know psychology….. You are not Gods, you are also employees who are obliged to do your Companies a great favor by hiring people who are honest, hard-working, and willing to pretty much do any work to survive today.

You HR people, wake up !!! You have been given the role to put Americans back to work. Act like it and stop playing God.



Virtual management is easier than it seems

Being a virtual assistant or manager is much easier for the employer than it looks. It frees the employer from hiring an employee, having someone in their space on a daily basis, and paying employment taxes. An independent contractor always has his/her own health insurance, pay their own taxes and cost much less than an employee. These are difficult times and both employers and professionals looking for work can benefit from such a relationship. A flat monthly fee and a few hours a week can do the trick. With email, Skype and so much technology, one can easily work at home and do the work just fine from afar. Try it and you’ll see how much can actually be accomplished in no time.

If you are a small business owner who needs help and organization for a small fee, you can find professionals who are willing to go the extra mile and offer exactly what you need. Try my website to see what I am talking about. www.mariellastockmal.com