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Knowing your Business

This is a topic that keeps coming up whenever I meet new clients. Everyone is eager to get a placement in the huge world of Social Media, the Internet and other Marketing Apps.

There are so many books out there; so many websites that promise to reveal all the secrets of marketing and viral explosions. The problem is that all this information is so cluttered and chaotic that most people get confused. They arrive to my office with certain ideas that they think are the panacea to what they think they need.

My first question always is: “Do you have a business plan?” That’s when I get the first blank look. Then I go on asking if they know what they want out of a web presence or social media placement. Most people are so confused that they can’t actually trust anyone anymore. They are so skeptic and unsure that in the end they lose focus.

Things are much simpler than they appear to be.

Step 1: Make sure you know who you are, what your area of expertise is and where you want to take it.

Step 2: Telling a professional to create wonders for you is not the key, if you are not ready to tackle the incoming traffic to your existing business.
Example: Let’s say that you offer tutoring in your community and you want to spread the word so that you get more students. Have you done your due diligence? Are you ready for more clients? Can you handle the incoming traffic to your business? Do you have the infrastructure to respond as a professional in a timely manner? Can you keep your new clientele?

Step 3: Sit and write down what your expectations are, how much work you are personally willing to put into your success, what your desirable outcome is and last but not least make absolutely sure that you are committed to learn the necessary skills to update your presence in the World Wide Web.

Having a website, a FaceBook page or a Twitter account is but the groundwork. Unless you are willing to invest some serious time to learn the ropes, update your information regularly and be precise, because the internet and social media sites especially have become the line between our social and professional lives blurring ever more with each passing day. You have the opportunity to connect with old friends, make new ones and expand your professional network with only a few clicks, from the comfort of your own home or office.

So, do your work, prepare yourself and seek professional help only when you are 100% ready and sure of what you are willing to invest and how much work you are ready to take on!