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Complacency is your decline

Today’s business world is driven by competition, innovation, sales and marketing.

It is really bizarre that companies out there still communicate with their customers by mailing letters and expecting customers to reply via another letter.
Nobody will do this anymore. Write a reply to your request on a letter, then spend time and money to drive to the Post Office and mail you a response?

Your brand will decline faster than you think.

Unless you adjust your business model to what the market requires today, you might as well close your doors.

20-30 years ago, this was how businesses were ran. NOT TODAY!

Respect that there is a huge consumer piece of the pie that wants and demands convenience, fast service, modern practices.

If you want to keep existing and thriving, don;t be complacent.

  1. Update your websites
  2. Accept Emails
  3. Accept communication via your website
  4. Stop demanding customers to send you a “FAX” or actually mail you a letter. Not happening anymore.
  5. Learn from what the market is doing around you.
  6. Modernize the way you operate

You will be amazed that modernizing your brand will actually reduce your overhead and bring you new business.

Adapt, keep an open mind, learn and protect your brand from unnecessary risk that comes from complacency!

Your Competition will not wait!

Hire the proper help

It doesn’t matter at all how small or big your business is.
You cannot have 2, 3 or 4 different Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages and Twitter accounts.
Your presence has to be cohesive, uniform throughout all Social Media channels.
I have seen clients who are trying really hard and the response online is zero! WHY? Because the person or company dealing with their Social Media Marketing is NOT paying attention, or is completely disorganized.
You are trying hard to land new clients, to retain business and to grow. How can you accomplish all that when any prospective client searches for you online and finds outdated profiles, pages and links? When you have more than one live profiles and non are properly set up to portray who you really are and what you really do?
  1. 1. Place your Logo on your website and ALL Social Media pages and profiles. Shows who you are and your brand starts getting recognized.
  2. 2. Have ONLY ONE Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc Page.
  3. 3. Link your website to ALL your Social Media pages, so that whenever you post an article, news, etc the content can be automatically shared throughout Social Media immediately.
  4. 4. Keep active on your Social Media profiles. Interact with others, like posts, comment, share. This is how you get traction.
  5. 5. If you are not sure about the person/company that deals with your social media marketing, don’t waste your hard earned money. ASK questions, follow up with them, make sure they represent your brand professionally, and do your company good.
  6. 6. Posting once every few months just to show you that they are working for you, will never get you results.
So I say it again! GET ORGANIZED!! Hire only the ones that are result driven, that will not put you in the back burner if you are not the multi millionaire company.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Ads and Honesty

We all want to land customers, subscribers and leads.
There is one caveat. BE HONEST, CLEAR and TRANSPARENT!
Nothing is more important. When a prospective customer asks you how much your services cost, please don’t reply try us out for a 50% off. Be honest and open and state your prices.
If you are afraid that your prices might turn someone away, guess what? Maybe you should reconsider your prices!
Social Media participants are inundated by different ads by the hour! If you want to stand out and succeed, make the difference.
DON’T share marketing videos that promise we will learn something, only to get bombarded with cliche questions like: Are you tired of doing this or that?
Are you frustrated by this or the other… and on and on for 4 or even 10 minutes, nobody can fast forward… GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!
Usually the point is, pay us and we will show you how to…..
By the time any potential customer has the patience to sit through your blah blah blah you have lost the sale!
Honesty, simplicity, openness, and straight to the point.
I am selling potatoes. Do you want to buy them? They will cost you $xxx
Thank you
RESPECT your audience, and your brand.

Basic Marketing Rules

We all understand the need to attract new customers. There are some rules though that can make or break your brand.
If you are not a professional marketer, do your company a huge favor and hire one.
Common mistakes made in trying to create your brand and attract interest are:

  1. You post every single day. This is immediately turning people off, because in essence you are selling the same message with different pictures.
  2. You promise a big picture but your actual product/service is only a fraction of this picture. BE CLEAR AND HONEST!
  3. You change your course but have promised something else to your audience. Big mistake here. Publish an article of your change and explain the decision making.
  4. You create constant questionnaires that basically have the same content, hoping to engage more people.
  5. You are not looking at products that are using the same language as you for their marketing. Be very clear about what it is you are doing.
  6. Make your product stand out by fine tuning your message. Be exact, be honest and respect the marketing deluge people are receiving daily on every Social Media Platform.
  7. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL MARKETER. Never assume that reading a few How-To books will make you an expert.


Password Risks

After what I witnessed helping a friend the other day, I need to alert everyone.
We can never assume and take for granted that everyone who has an online presence is technically savvy.
A few examples: Doctors, Plumbers, Electricians, Architects, Hair Stylists and many more.
All these people are trying to land customers, and have a LinkedIn account, a Facebook account, a Twitter account and maybe an Instagram account.
The big risk here is the password use. Was helping my friend to update his Facebook page and noticed something that alarmed me.
He was using ONE yes ONE password for everything. His Bank account, his Social Media pages and his email.
I explained a few things and he thanked me for saving the day.
So here are some basic rules for everyone to follow:


  5. IF YOU ARE NOT USING LASTPASS, CHROME OR OTHER PASSWORD MANAGER: Open an Excel Sheet and create a password list to remember them.
I hope that this will help. If you are unsure, or have questions, please fell free to contact me and I will help you with this very important task.
Stay safe in the world wide web everyone!


Risks of confusing marketing

You are working hard on launching your new product.

You are launching a new car.
You market it, but the message is confusing prospective buyers. You are using icons of a fork lift truck, or of a truck…. Yes these are vehicle types but what is your buyer expecting to purchase?

You are launching a brand new stove.
You market it by using icons of a microwave. Yes it belongs in the kitchen, but it is not what you are about to sell to the public.

You are launching a toilet cleaner.
You market it using bathtub icons. Yes a bathtub belongs in the bathroom but it is not what you are trying to launch and sell.

Ways to do it right:
* Keep blasting the internet with actual icons that pertain to what you are creating and will sell.
* Don’t jumble your message by generalizing what you are actually doing.
* If you start with one idea and evolve to something different, add it to your marketing strategy. Tell your story on every ad, every publication, every post.


Have a very clear message. Buyers are all about instant gratification and expect a simple yet very clear message that will engage them and interest them enough to give your new product a try.

Adhere to those rules, and you can only succeed and create happy loyal customers.


Keep supporting others


I read a lot of posts about people not supporting each other.
I know it feels like a let down. I know that you feel disappointed.
Don’t stop supporting other businesses and their people, even if they don’t give a second thought, or a supportive nod to your efforts.
They like that you support them, send you thank you notes, but when it comes to reciprocate, they rarely if ever show up.
It doesn’t matter at all. Keep being who you are, give from your heart and never let other people’s behavior change your integrity, passion, and willingness to help without expecting anything.
We are all trying to make it in this world. Yes, it would be great if everyone was as supportive, giving and helpful. But this is not the case.
Keep fighting your fight, keep striving for the best. Just don’t change because of other people’s indifferent behavior.
Social Media platforms, big words of encouragement and promises for support are a dime a dozen.
Actual actions matter. So if you don’t feel the love and support from your peers or from people you support, don’t give up. Don’t be frustrated or disappointed. It’s not worth it.
Be honest, be kind, be helpful. Let other people be who they are.
They will always keep asking for your help when they need you. They will never support you.
Let’s make it in this world without expecting anyone’s support, help or encouragement.
We are fighters! We can do this!



How to upgrade your company

Some very important steps to succeed


  1. DO NOT have a simple http website! HTTPS is a must nowadays
  2. DO NOT have wrong links on your website. If you have a twitter account and your link just points to twitter.com instead of your account, you are losing followers and visibility.
  3. Never leave your Copyright date sitting at the bottom of your website for years….. Update yearly! Not doing so, shows your visitors that you are not actively engaging.
  4. You MUST have even a simple GDPR page and pop up so that people can accept your online policy.
  5. Update your website’s links! Google+ IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
  6. Be active on LinkedIn. A company name without any engagement, Company owners, CEO’s, COO’s etc without at least a picture on their profile are making people question your commitment.
  7. Update, Update, Update! Even your website’s theme. We are in 2019, not 2000 anymore!


Follow those steps and you will see the difference in engagement and even new potential customers/buyers.

Don’t slack! Work it!

How To Fail

It is very surprising to see that there are Companies and Organizations out there that don’t have a clue on how to run their business.

I got a call today and I want to bring attention to the following red flags to avoid:

  1. The caller ID was from a foreign Country.
  2. He asked to speak with Mariella. When I asked who was calling, he insisted: “Is this Mariella”?
  3. The name of the Organization was only mentioned after the call intrigued me enough to hear more.
  4. The seller told me that he was representing one of the biggest Women’s Groups.
  5. When I mentioned LinkedIn he wasn’t sure.
  6. After asking a lot of questions about my background that are already visible on every Business platform, he quickly asked for my credit/debit card information.

Needless to say that this organization lost a sale.

I researched the said Group in LinkedIn and saw this:

For claiming to be one of the “biggest” organizations, this surely looks suspicious.

Nobody will give you their credit/debit card information via phone any longer.

If you are indeed a legitimate business, then make sure that your prospective clients, members, customers feel safe!

No established business lacks a professional presence.

No established business lacks a way for buyers/clients to pay online via a safe payment portal.

So do your Business or Organization a huge favor and build a foundation that will show the world that you are legitimate, professional and trustworthy.


Clear Information = Success

Are you aware that the real estate of your e-commerce website is gold?
Imagine an actual brick and mortar store. You walk in and see exactly what they offer. No surprises there.

Don’t you think that it is to your advantage to treat your website the same way?
Your refund/return policies should be up front and center.
A lot of businesses make the mistake of having their return policy at the checkout page in small font, which of course people do not read because they just click your purchase button. Remember that we are in an instant gratification era on every level.

If you do it this way, it will result in chargebacks and return demands after your policy has expired, or even if you do not offer a return possibility.

So learn from this and do the right thing. Plaster your return/exchange/refund policy up front and center. This way, I have won almost every claim and chargeback, simply by copying and pasting the company’s policy on the chargeback reply, followed by a simple statement: Chargeback denied.

There is too much “scary” information out there and e-commerce businesses get confused.
Know this: IF you place a coherent policy on your website, and IF you look at your email inboxes daily, you will always succeed with any claims.

Contact Risk-Squad and we will be more than happy to help you implement everything