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Clear Information = Success

Are you aware that the real estate of your e-commerce website is gold?
Imagine an actual brick and mortar store. You walk in and see exactly what they offer. No surprises there.

Don’t you think that it is to your advantage to treat your website the same way?
Your refund/return policies should be up front and center.
A lot of businesses make the mistake of having their return policy at the checkout page in small font, which of course people do not read because they just click your purchase button. Remember that we are in an instant gratification era on every level.

If you do it this way, it will result in chargebacks and return demands after your policy has expired, or even if you do not offer a return possibility.

So learn from this and do the right thing. Plaster your return/exchange/refund policy up front and center. This way, I have won almost every claim and chargeback, simply by copying and pasting the company’s policy on the chargeback reply, followed by a simple statement: Chargeback denied.

There is too much “scary” information out there and e-commerce businesses get confused.
Know this: IF you place a coherent policy on your website, and IF you look at your email inboxes daily, you will always succeed with any claims.

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