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Brand New Year, New Hopes, New Goals

Happy New Year everyone!

These days every year are filled with new questions, new goals, and new aspirations. How far can we go with all that? We are living through some tough times and most of us get side tracked by daily life.
Why not try to make a fresh start by re-visiting our past mistakes, re-organizing our schedules and plans?
I receive many emails from people who ask me: “How do I start my own company?” “What do I do?”
There are a few simple but critical steps in achieving everything you want.
First and foremost, decide on what it is that you do best, what it is that can make you money, whether it is a service you will provide or a product you can make and sell.

You will most probably want to start in your own home. So, the first step is to find a space that will serve as your “office”. Make sure to find a space that will be permanent. Once you are ready, sit and think if you need a website, which would be a good idea to start with.
Then, (and this is important) block out a couple of hours per day for you and work on your project until you are ready to launch.
A lot of my clients make the mistake of running a business without any format, without any schedule and they expect success. If you do not imply yourself 100%, you will not succeed. You cannot expect “hired help” to represent your company, to do your sales pitches for you and to carry the burden of responsibility that you should carry yourself.

If you do hire someone to help you out, then make sure that you are present when this person comes to help. You cannot tell people that they should do the work and you should not be involved because you have no time. If you don’t have the time to invest seriously in any project, you are better off not starting the procedure at all.

If you are totally committed to succeed, you will definitely do so and in very short time.

Get organized, write your ideas down and start.

I will post my next blog with more details.

Keep up the dreams, your goals and your hard work. Only good can come from that.