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Scam and Fraud Rules!

    Anyone claiming it’s the IRS, simply hang up and block the caller.
  2. Your Bank will NEVER call you!
    Simply hang up and block the caller.
  3. SOCIAL SECURITY will NEVER call you! Your SSN can never expire for any reason!!! Hang up and block the caller.
  4. Chinese phone calls are bugging a lot of phone numbers.
    Simply hang up and block the caller.
  5. ANY call that starts with a recorded message is a SCAM!
    Simply hang up and block the caller.
  6. ANY caller that asks for your debit or credit card information to send you a free product is a SCAM!!!
    Hang up and block the caller.
  7. ANYONE calling you about a family member is a SCAMMER!
    Hang up and block the caller!
  8. Facebook will NEVER give money for any click, like or share!
    Stop sharing such information.
  9. NEVER click on links you don’t feel sure about.
Don’t panic! Authorities of any kind will NEVER call you to ask you for your social security number, bank account number, or debit/credit card number! Don’t fall for those phone calls.
Don’t fall for false shared information on Social Media!!!
A great solution is NEVER to answer calls from numbers that are not in your contacts list!

Computer complaints

Today I will explain some very easy steps to keep your PC in order. A lot of you have asked me about problems you are having with you PC performance and I will try to explain a few steps to keep your computer alive and working properly for as long as possible. Continue reading “Computer complaints”

Wishing is different than doing!

star141Most of the people I meet, are in “The Secret” frenzy, in positive thinking, in submitting to the fates.
Meditation, praying, visualizing, positive thinking, are all great and do work if you know how to use those tools. Simply sending positive thoughts out “there” and believing that some supreme being will bring it to you is wrong.
If you REALLY want to have food at your table, you have to work HARD to get it. Continue reading “Wishing is different than doing!”

Is your desk clean and organized?

2009-12-01-tocomic-126Which picture depicts you at work?

Some people think that having a messy desk and piles of paper all over the place, makes them seem like they have work to do and that managers and bosses will see that they have a lot to do. So wrong!
If your desk looks like that, messy-deskthen you are definitely disorganized and you are having a priority problem.



I am giving you some food for thought here today and will write extensively about energies, good work patterns, organization and time management.



Your desk should be looking something like that: clean-deskCalmness, serenity,and excellent for concentration.


Wait for all the rules this weekend.

I’ll be back


Personal and Work

While teaching in Europe some years ago, I was asked a very interesting question: “How do you act or re-act when you feel threatened or unhappy at work?”
There is not one simple reply to this.

When you do have work, you have an income. First of all be thankful for that. Times are really tough and making emotional changes to spite your old job is not to your benefit.
Things change fast in our career paths. Businesses change hands, situations arise that are beyond our control.

Instead of feeling bitter about it and showing it with lack of enthusiasm, or even by feeling sorry for yourself, adapt.
Life throws us curveballs all the time. At the same time, life is too short and too valuable.
Take a breath, take a step back and focus on your needs. There is NOTHING personal in any work environment. You don’t have to “like” everyone at work, you don’t have to be friends with everyone.
Do your job, do it right, don’t complain, because you drag a dark cloud in your psyche and guess what? All you attract is negative energy, and of course failure. Be polite, partake in functions, even open your home for co-workers and colleagues.
Knowing how to behave like someone who has self respect and control, is everything you need. Kindness toward your team goes a long way.

Taking anything personal, only makes you feel miserable, when in fact NOTHING happens or takes place because of you. People do their work, go about their lives and if you don’t jump on the train, it’s only your loss.
Don’t mop, don’t complain. Let some positivity come to your life, allow yourself some space to grow, throw your ego out of the window, and learn to observe.
You must know by now that when you see everything through a depressed and negative filter, only depression and negativity is what you will receive back.

NEVER FORGET: The universe works for you. Whatever you think comes to you tenfold. And if you focus in what you don’t like, or in what makes you unhappy, this is what the universe will bring you. It is not by chance that you often hear: WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND.




Facebook has become our daily crutch, companion, and opinion platform.
There is though something called Social Media manners and rules.

Before you click share on any announcement, do yourself a favor and go to snopes and make sure what you are telling your friends is valid and not something that simply goes around. If you want to be involved in Facebook, at least become somewhat savvy. Don’t “buy” everything you read, everything shared from people you know.

There is something called too much. How many cute dog and cats pictures can your friends see per day? Be mindful of other users as well. 3 to 5 posts per day is fine. When you literally bombard people, they will either block you, or simply choose not to see your posts on their timeline. Simple as that. This way, when you have something serious to share nobody will see it.

If you have a “fan” – business page, make sure you post relevant stuff, make sure you do not ruin your credibility by using your business page for fun and games.

Talking about games. PLEASE do not invite everyone on your list to games. There are many of those games that have viruses, and you really don’t want to destroy your friends’ computers. The other part is, that a lot of people do not use Facebook to play games. Respect their wishes.

You can have tons of fun on Facebook, without harassing others, without making them feel stalked, without making them closing their chat box simply to avoid you.

Make your presence on Facebook relevant, behave as if you were in a room filled with people, some of who you know and some not. Be polite, respectful, and mindful that you might insult someone unbeknownst to you.

I hope that you will take this to heart and teach yourself about social media and the impact they have in our daily existence.


About a new friend, Mike Omar

I rarely write about others in my blog. This one though not only caught my attention, but also made me change my simple blog to a website-blog.

Looking around to buy a new book for my Kindle, I saw a title that captured my curiosity: HOW TO START A BLOG THAT PEOPLE WILL READ, by Mike Omar. I bought it and started reading, to see what this guy had to say. BIG POSITIVE SURPRISE!!!

Needless to mention that I am sick and tired of the same marketing recipe that is floating all around us. And I mean: “this book will show you how to this and that and the other… Have you ever……???? Well I am here to……” 30 some pages go by and you still haven’t even started reading what you bought the book for!

Not Mike Omar though. He captured my attention from the first paragraph and literally reignited my passion, my fire and my inspiration. I have been writing my blog since July 2010 and with a lot of patience and persistence I gathered 700 followers and subscribers. Not a small feat for a novice like me.

He took me from blah… to WOW in a minute! So my friends, I followed step-by-step his easy to understand, straight forward advice and here I am today with a brand new website-blog of my own, that supports WordPress and I have a wonderful blog with new features, more interactive and without space limits.

I am still learning by Mike, and I will make this a lucrative blog that can eventually bring me some income.

I totally urge you to go see what Mike Omar is all about, at http://makemoneyfromhomelionsclub.com/

Even if you are not interested in blogging, you will learn some valuable stuff.


When Money is Tight

When money is tight, I hear from people all the time: “I need to find a job!”

Then I ask them what it is they are looking for. Most of my clients say that they really don’t care as long as they can bring home some much needed cash.

In reality, most of the people I know find excuses as to why a position when offered is not for them. I call them the dreamers. Prayers, dreams, The Secret, and other very useful books, when read by people who do not know their true meaning and message are not helping. The reason is that a lot of people believe in instant miracles. Hopes, dreams, aspirations and prayers are a great and positive way to look at life, but do not pay your immediate bills and responsibilities.

This is the trap that some people fall for. They wait for things to happen to them. In order to succeed in life, of course you have to be positive, be in tune with your environment, visualize a great outcome; but you also need to be realistic and WORK to achieve your goals.

If you want to become the next famous Rock Star for example, you can easily pack grocery bags while you work on your dream. A daily dose of reality keeps you grounded and makes you stronger. Until you stand on your own two feet and take responsibly for your own life, you will never truly know how strong you are.

So take charge of your life, work hard to achieve your goals and let nothing get in your way. Be respectful, determined and positive. Always give back to those who are willing to help you, always ask to help your fellow human beings and never hold back.

Times are hard, strange, and finances are tough. Credit card debt, Banks that don’t give you the loan or break you need bills, mortgages, rents, car payments. Everyone would be thrilled to have their problems solved by the push of a button.

Hang in there, look in the mirror, make a daily reality check and ALWAYS be thankful for what you do have today.


Happier with Less


Times are changing fast all around the world. A lot of people keep saying: “ah those good old days”. The old days were much simpler and people were used to living with much less.

Just think about it for a second. Did they have cell phones or television or Internet? Did they care if they would buy a new car every two years? Did they have stacks of clothes hanging in closets unused?

People were happy with one good pair of shoes, one Sunday outfit and a roof over their heads. OK I get it, nobody wants to live in what we have come to label as poverty anymore.

BUT living with less can actually make you happier.

I decided to do just that, and you can’t imagine how much happier I am. As a result I spend MUCH less, I actually have extra money left at the end of each month.

I will explain how I do it.  Using a budget, we see and decide how we can save even more.

Here’s the list:

1. We never have lights on except for the room in which we are sitting.

2. We have only ONE television set. No need to pay high cable bills.

3. We did a research and cut the home phone line completely. We are only using our cell phones. We save about $120.00 per month. And you can add your cell phone to your local police station for reverse 911 calls and emergencies.

4. We switch computers off at night and unplug everything from the walls. We managed to pay an average electric bill of $35 per month.

5. We never let the water run while brushing our teeth. It’s a waste

6. We use small space heaters and not the central heating unit, because this way we are warm where we sit and spend much less energy.

7. We eat out once every other month. The rest of the time, we socialize with our friends and share dinners at our homes. We are having so much fun.

8. We have a set grocery list and never “cheat”. We buy what we actually eat and never have to throw good food away. For a household of two, we pay no more than $850 per month for groceries, cleaning supplies, and cosmetics.

9. We have created a “wish” list of clothes, shoes and accessories, and we send it to our friends and family. We have decided that receiving what we need during Christmas and our birthdays, makes it easy on the people who want to buy gifts for us, and we almost spend zero on clothing anymore.

10. We don’t buy magazines. We can read everything we need online.

You can play with this list idea and you will see how much simpler your life will get and how much money you can save with little effort. We are very happy and wish you all the same! Life is about living happy and within our means.



Success is a word used for about everything. Success in life, in love, in business, in education, in careers…. and the list goes on.

I decided to look at the word success as a label, given by society, parents, family, friends, colleagues. The measurement of success should be our own. In other words we have to own it. If we are happy with what we do, it’s a success. If we are healthy, it’s a success. If we make ends meet in this drab economy, it’s success. Well, even if we find parking in a super busy mall it’s a success.

So, I learned to measure my successes in small doses and guess what? I feel pretty successful. Nobody can rain on my parade, nobody can tell me if I’m successful or not by their measurement of the word. It’s a word! That’s what it is. Words are words. What you make of them is another story.

We like to take everything personally, because we were brought up this way, because we were trained to strive for something others have and we don’t. We measure everything by what someone else is doing or not doing. How about we stop for a moment and start pondering about life. When is good, good enough? When is a paycheck that pays the bills enough? Why are we in this frenzy of more, more, and more?

Keep thinking about this for a moment. You are a success, cause you’re alive, here, now.  The rest is the “sauce” of life. If you are happy with what and who you really are, you’re a success. Don;t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Don’t be a Grinch. So many people complain every single day or their lives.
Oh I don’t have enough money, oh he/she said this or did that, oh I’m fed up, Oh I wish things were different.


If you’re in this self pity game, you will receive only negativity and more problems. The more you FEEL and think and talk about your problems, your misery, your inadequacy, your this and your that, universe will give you a truckload of just that. WHY? Because you become the magnet of summoning EVERYTHING that you think and spend your energy on.

So, believe, FEEL, that you’re a success, feel that sentiment of gratitude for your loved ones, for the roof over your head, for the life that YOU have chosen to live. NOBODY tells you what decisions to make in life, NOBODY but YOU is responsible for your actions, your thoughts, your decisions, your feelings.

Cheer up! We have A LOT to be thankful for, and YES, we’re all successes in a small or big way. Depends on how we look at it.

Turn the lights on in your heart and mind, and KEEP THEM ON!